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  • n. The inclusion of hyphens; especially, the correct locations of hyphens.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of joining with a hyphen, or the state of being so joined; use of hyphens.

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  • n. division of a word especially at the end of a line on a page
  • n. connecting syllables and words by hyphens


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hyphen +‎ -ation


  • As far as TeX or any typesetting is concerned, one of the most noticeable language-specific problems is incorrect hyphenation, that is, breaking words at sensible places.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • It's confusing enough to grow up in a place like America, a country without definitive culture, except for ranch dressing and reality TV, but it's even worse to grow up half one thing, half another, christened a hyphenation of names without connection to either owner, raised by “parents” who redefine suburban bickering.

    What The Hell Nationality Are You?

  • As teenagers, my sister and I eventually discovered the truth when we stumbled across our birth certificates and saw that blasted hyphenation.

    What The Hell Nationality Are You?

  • So, predictably, healthcare reform dominated the Sunday shows (by the way, you wouldn't believe the length of the discussions in my office surrounding the compounding, hyphenation or phrasing of the term "health care"; official Federal rules don't exist, so it was left to Bob to make policy).

    r_urell: So, predictably, healthcare reform domin

  • But I posit that the hyphenation of his name made him unique enough to be easily discoverable even before he had hit songs.

    The Dream of Being Discoverable - Anil Dash

  • Hey, since we are rapidly becoming the minority, of course we will use the hyphenation.

    Has Clinton been sidelined?

  • There is a large constituency of Americans who reject the hyphenation entirely.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Discourteous to Wear American Flag Images on Cinco de Mayo?

  • Many common usage words will be effected whereas Brazilians must only become accustomed to a few missing accents, for example in idéia and vôo (which are now spelled ideia and voo), and also to new hyphenation rules.

    Web Translations » Blog Archive » Ordem e Progresso: Brazilian Portuguese spelling reform

  • The use of “bigot” is baffling — but, if the hyphenation of “blazingly-ignorant” accurately reflects the applicable level of familiarity with standard English, it might be ascribed to miscommunication.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » NRA Convention report

  • The protagonist Michael Beard, for example, who was awarded the Nobel for "the Beard-Einstein Conflation, a spine-tingling hyphenation for any physicist, placing Beard's work proudly in a lineage origination from Einstein's revolutionary 1905 paper."

    From Steamy Italy to Frozen Fjords


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