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  • n. The act or process of modulating.
  • n. The state of being modulated.
  • n. Music A passing or transition from one key or tonality to another.
  • n. Music The result of such a transition.
  • n. A change in stress, pitch, loudness, or tone of the voice; an inflection of the voice.
  • n. An instance of such a change or an inflection.
  • n. The harmonious use of language, as in poetry or prose.
  • n. Electronics The variation of a property of an electromagnetic wave or signal, such as its amplitude, frequency, or phase.

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  • n. The process of applying a signal to a carrier, modulating.
  • n. Methods of modulating.

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  • n. The act of modulating, or the state of being modulated.
  • n. Sound modulated; melody.
  • n. A change of key, whether transient, or until the music becomes established in the new key; a shifting of the tonality of a piece, so that the harmonies all center upon a new keynote or tonic; the art of transition out of the original key into one nearly related, and so on, it may be, by successive changes, into a key quite remote. There are also sudden and unprepared modulations.
  • n. The alteration of hte amplitude, intensity, frequency, or phase (of the carrier wave of a radio signal) at intervals, so as to represent information to be transmitted.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of modulating
  • n. The act of inflecting the voice or any instrument in a musical manner.
  • n. The modification of the voice or of utterance to express various shades of meaning or emotion.
  • n. A state or condition reached by a process of modulating, modifying, or varying.
  • n. In Gregorian music, one of the tones in a mode with which every phrase of a melody in that mode must begin and end.
  • n. In modern music, the act, process, or result of changing, in the course of a piece, from one key (tonality) to another, so that a new tone becomes the key-note and the relative significance of all the tones common to both tonalities is altered.
  • n. A musical composition exemplifying modulation.
  • n. Sound modulated; melody.
  • n. In architecture, the proportion of the different parts of an order according to a module.

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  • n. (electronics) the transmission of a signal by using it to vary a carrier wave; changing the carrier's amplitude or frequency or phase
  • n. the act of modifying or adjusting according to due measure and proportion (as with regard to artistic effect)
  • n. a musical passage moving from one key to another
  • n. rise and fall of the voice pitch
  • n. a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified


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  • Recovery Option: Emotional modulation is a skill that we learn literally in our parents arms and within our family systems.

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  • I rather imagine that the neglect and perversion or repression of this modulation is due very largely to the general neglect of the proper development of the imagination and emotion in our whole educational system.

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  • Another modulation is that of tone colour, the sign of imagination and emotion.

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  • Astrocytes, previously thought to be unimportant in neuronal transmission, have recently been implicated in long-term modulation of neuronal synapses.

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  • (One can also refine the above ansatz in a number of ways, for instance by also introducing a frequency modulation, which is particularly important in models such as the mass-critical NLS which admit a frequency modulation symmetry, but for simplicity we will not consider this more complicated situation here.)

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  • LifeGen Technologies help validate the critical role gene expression modulation plays in the aging process.

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  • The solution to this was, in part, a switch from the early, cheap CAP (carrierless amplitude / phase) modulation, which treated the entire swath of spectrum allotted to DSL as one big modem signal, more or less, to DMT (discrete multi-tone) modulation, which is quite close to OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) in some of its particulars.

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  • The modulation is another source of information that allows an even shorter pulse to give the same information.

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