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  • n. The act of resuscitating.

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  • n. The act of resuscitating, or state of being resuscitated.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of resuscitating, or the state of being resuscitated; revival; revivification; restoration to life; the restoring to animation of persons apparently dead, as in cases of drowning, or of suspended animation from exposure to cold or from disease.
  • n. Mental reproduction, or suggestion, in a sense which does not include the process of representation.

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  • n. the act of reviving a person and returning them to consciousness


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  • (Sakizliogu noted that some of these elements were professionalised and reactionary), a city-wide platform of residents associations and what she described as a resuscitation of left history. xli She asked if a 'Right to Housing' or 'Right to the City' movement might help focus struggle, and made the suggestion that a more powerful resistance to the victimisation, separation and privatisation of tenants/residents groups might lie in the convergence of movements of different tenure types. xlii

    Mute magazine - Culture and politics after the net - CULTURE AND POLITICS AFTER THE NET

  • Dr. HASAN ALAM (Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Trauma Expert): So, emergency preservation resuscitation is cooling as a protective strategy, and there is history of using cooling in other fields, not trauma, but other fields such as transplant surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery.

    Freezing A Body For Surgery Could Save Lives

  • Simulation training in resuscitation, fielding transport calls, and perinatal consult

    Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship Curriculum

  • Their questions can help them establish the likely cause, and so decide which type of resuscitation is more appropriate.

    Kiss goodbye to the kiss of life?

  • I just can’t wait to see how they will do cool stuff like the resuscitation from the raspberry effect (lol), Nemes being lanced from orbit and trapped into molten rock and of course the Tesla Trees and what the Shrike will look like.

    Dan Simmons's Hyperion Sci-Fi Series Being Adapted by Warner Bros «

  • This battle of the belligerent blokes bids well for the bold and reform minded Libs., and hence the moribund healt care rerform of the previous 1993-94 era can bet on a better outcome with new methods in resuscitation.

    Liberal groups step up efforts against Democrat Ben Nelson

  • The man could literally raise the dead, and more than once he'd pulled off a save when everyone else, Richard included, had called the resuscitation off.

    Critical Condition

  • There is a thing called the 7 per rule, meaning that if there is a serious accident that requires medical assistance such as resuscitation, they dispatch enough units to have at least 7 responders on scene.

    Car-Rail Collision in Rainier Valley « PubliCola

  • His internist said on Friday that "resuscitation" had begun immediately after the collapse and continued at the hospital, to no avail.

    What Happened to Russert

  • It was a renovation of youth; a kind of resuscitation of the dead, that realized those interesting dreams, in which we sometimes retrieve our ancient friends from the grave.

    The Expedition of Humphry Clinker


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