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  • n. The transfer of a company or organization from government to private ownership and control.

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  • n. changing something from state to private ownership or control


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Coined by Sidney Merlin in 1943 though aware of earlier reprivatization.


  • Romney campaign aides reject the term "privatization" to describe their approach.

    Romney Proposes Voucher Option for Medicare Plan

  • Government has avoided the word privatization and instead has adopted a program of “disinvestment,” generally intending to sell off partial ownership but retain majority control.


  • Scouring the United States for ideas, he ran across the word privatization in the work of the economic and social theorist Peter Drucker.


  • We should retire the word "privatization" in favor of its Big Brother, "corporatization."

    Ken Allen: Say 'Corporatization,' Not 'Privatization'

  • Application of the word "privatization," however, is almost always a misuse of the English language, albeit one that has become so common that it falls automatically off the tongue and flows unchecked past the ear.

    Ken Allen: Say 'Corporatization,' Not 'Privatization'

  • Democrats had already planned to make the Ryan Medicare plan, which they call privatization, a centerpiece of their efforts to unseat Republicans in Congress.

    Romney Proposes Voucher Option for Medicare Plan

  • And what that exemplifies is what we call the privatization of culture.

    American Culture, American Tastes: Social Change & the 20th Century

  • Drucker, credited with inventing the word privatization, now foresees a coming backlash of “bitterness and contempt” against the rich in the United States.


  • The IMF will loan you money to cover your ever burdening interest payments but they attach a provision that if you default, you will have to give them your assets in what they call privatization foreclosure. Top headlines

  • Critics worry over what they call the privatization of SUNY, which they say would happen if tuition levels were taken out of the state budget process and campuses set up ventures with companies intent on making a profit more than educating students.

    The Buffalo News: Home


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