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  • n. Arrangement of parts or elements.
  • n. The form, as of a figure, determined by the arrangement of its parts or elements. See Synonyms at form.
  • n. Psychology Gestalt.
  • n. Chemistry The structural arrangement of atoms in a compound or molecule.
  • n. Computer Science The way in which a computer system is set up: changed the configuration by resetting the parameters.
  • n. Computer Science The set of constituent components, such as memory, a hard disk, a monitor, and an operating system, that make up a computer system.
  • n. Computer Science The way that the components of a computer network are connected.

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  • n. Form, as depending on the relative disposition of the parts of a thing's shape; figure; form factor.
  • n. Relative position or aspect of the planets; the face of the horoscope, according to the relative positions of the planets at any time.
  • n. The way things are arranged or put together in order to achieve a result.
  • n. The arrangement of electrons in an atom, molecule, or other physical structure like a crystal.

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  • n. Form, as depending on the relative disposition of the parts of a thing; shape; figure.
  • n. Relative position or aspect of the planets; the face of the horoscope, according to the relative positions of the planets at any time.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. External form, figure, or shape, especially as resulting from the disposition and relation of the parts; external aspect or appearance: contour.
  • n. In astrology, relative position or aspect of the planets.
  • n. In modern astron., any noticeable grouping of stars which may aid in identifying them.
  • n. In analytical mechanics, the relative positions of the parts of a system at any moment.
  • n. In geometry, a ruled surface considered as a locus of rays; also, a system of three linear complexes.
  • n. A system of a finite number of points with their duals.
  • n. In organic chemistry, the arrangement of the atoms within the molecule, especially that arrangement in space which occasions optical activity.
  • n. A tetrastim with dots in A tetragram with sides in a a conic range has each pair conic pencil has each pair of of codots costraight with a diagonals copunctal with a pair of fan points of the pair of connectors of the tetragram of tangents at tetrastim of contacts on the the dots. sides.

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  • n. any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline)
  • n. an arrangement of parts or elements


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configure +‎ -ation


  • If the developer wants to use the title given by the RSS, use [lexi: configuration, rss, max_items] or lexiRSS ($configuration, $rss, false, $max_items).

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • To show a Feed that hasn't been declared in the list, use [lexi: configuration, rss, title, max_items] or lexiRSS ($configuration, $rss, $title, $max_items).

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • The term configuration encompasses various configurable capabilities of the interface like different UI technologies, look and feel, validation on captured data (both business and standard), dynamic rendering of UI components, various screen layouts, and so on.

  • Ares 1 in it's current configuration is ending the CxP program.

    Orion Slims Down - NASA Watch

  • ECLS design can be optimized for operability and common fan designs when sized for 4 persons. 4 person configuration is more robust and safer and allows more robust design solutions and ISS will get more pressurized cargo capability. 6 person capability is still available since Orion didn't change the OML and Orion can always be re-configured to carry 6 persons.

    Orion Slims Down - NASA Watch

  • The current lunar ascent stage configuration is a perfect match to this contingency assuming you have refueled and re-ignited the descent stage for lunar liftoff.

    Altair Concept RFP Hits The Street - NASA Watch

  • ** Ultimately, this configuration is cheaper than either a subsidized or unsubsidized iPhone.

    iPad, therefore i...Read?

  • The probability of three bones having evolved to their current configuration is not necessarily insuperable, especially since you're talking about a difference of degree in functionality, not a bridge from virtually zero functionality to full functionality.

    Bradley Monton's Paper criticizing Dover Decision

  • The configuration is a classic negative AO and NAO.

    Why was last year so snowy? Part II

  • But once you hit upon a configuaration you like, you obviously stick with it, so such a configuration is preserved (either in the brain or externally) and if its contrived visual data in the brain (i.e. a thought), it serves to narrow subseqent searches by serving as a default starting point.

    Conceptualizing Design


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