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  • n. A special pursuit, occupation, aptitude, or skill. See Synonyms at forte1.
  • n. A branch of medicine or surgery, such as cardiology or neurosurgery, in which a physician specializes; the field or practice of a specialist.
  • n. A special feature or characteristic; a peculiarity.
  • n. The state or quality of being special or distinctive.
  • n. An item or a product of a distinctive kind or of particular superiority: French pastry is the chef's specialty.
  • n. Law A special contract or agreement, especially a deed kept under seal.

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  • n. That in which one specializes; a chosen expertise or talent.
  • n. particularity
  • n. A particular or peculiar case.
  • n. A contract or obligation under seal; a contract by deed; a writing, under seal, given as security for a debt particularly specified.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Particularity.
  • n. A particular or peculiar case.
  • n. A contract or obligation under seal; a contract by deed; a writing, under seal, given as security for a debt particularly specified.
  • n. That for which a person is distinguished, in which he is specially versed, or which he makes an object of special attention; a speciality.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The fact or condition of being special or particular; particularity of origin, cause, use, significance, etc.
  • n. The special or distinctive nature of anything; essence; principle; groundwork.
  • n. A special quality or characteristic; a distinguishing feature; a speciality. See speciality, 1.
  • n. A special or particular matter or thing; something specific or exceptional in character, relation, use, or the like.
  • n. A special employment or pursuit; a distinct occupation or division of duty or interest; that which one does especially, either by choice or by assignment.
  • n. A special product or manufacture; something made in a special manner or form, or especially characteristic of the producer or of the place of production: as, a dealer in specialties; also, an article to which a dealer professes to pay special attention or care, or which is alleged to possess special advantages in regard to quality, quantity, or price: as, fountain-pens a specialty. See the second quotation under speciality, 2.
  • n. In law, an instrument under seal, containing an express or implied agreement for the payment of money.

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  • n. the special line of work you have adopted as your career
  • n. an asset of special worth or utility
  • n. a distinguishing trait


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specialize +‎ -ty


  • Any kind of program that encourages military minds to think outside of their specialty is a big-time plus.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Minerva Initiative

  • Now the police have not yet released the name of the student or any specific details about him, but I can tell you that this school is what they call a specialty school.

    CNN Transcript Oct 10, 2007

  • "She was what they call a specialty dancer in musical comedy," Lydia answered.

    Murder at Bridge

  • "We'll look at tiering the stores to where those opportunities exist," Price said, adding that some branches not able to support the full range of specialists could become what he called "specialty store light."

  • We have what we call a specialty sales force that's spending 80% of their time selling MS. They spend 15% of their time on nephrotic syndrome and a little bit on IS.

  • It doesn't need to waste resources time and money on short term specialty product like the SSR that had little functionality. Top headlines

  • Traditionally the specialty business, or what we call the specialty business, has grown about 2x what the overall market has. The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator

  • Today Barons specialty is buying flashy, small - and mid-cap growth stocks.

    Get Briefed: Ron Baron

  • His specialty is logistics and, compared to getting the international press corps on the bus during the inaugural, getting his family to the wedding is really easy.

    Jean's Knitting

  • They work in all kinds of green building technologies - their specialty is Compressed Earth Block (CEB).

    green roofs


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