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  • initialism linguistics verb inanimate intransitive

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  • noun the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one
  • adjective being one more than six


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  • Especially seeing as Feingold voted for Franken's bill. if arbitration is bad, but only in the context of things that should be handled by criminal courts, then why does it apply to all title vii claims? if arbitration is problematic for rape and other personal crimes and torts, but fine for other things, then the bill is overbroad


  • Does an employer engage in a current violation of title vii when, in making eligibility determinations for employee benefits, the employer fails to restore service credit that female employees lost when they took pregnancy leave prior to the enactment of the pregnancy discrimination act?

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  • The First Love is said to be portrayed in cant. vii., the Last in cant.x. of book vi. of the _Faerie Queene_.

    A Biography of Edmund Spenser

  • The Metrical History of the first Crusade, in vii. books, (p. 890 — 912,) is of small value or account.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • To the light ofA wakeness that reflected back to me my own True Self through the forms of Arvis Justi Jakusho Kwong Roshi Nisargadatta Maharaj CONTENTS Foreword vii Introduction Xi Poem: Who are you?

    Flower Heads and Grain

  • But the Jazz Age excitement would be stifled when jazz, and the liberal spirit it celebrated, were labeled “decadent” by Fascist regimes that rose to power in the wake of German National Socialism in the Some musicians fled Europe; some perished in concentration camps.vii

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  • In 1942, it was for the first time used in English to refer to physiologically damaging responses to stressful events.vii This twisted up ideas previously conjured by stress, because the new meaning identified trouble coming not only from external incidents or conditions, but also from powerfully disturbing reactions to them.

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  • Of course, a language can also become extinct simply because its community of speakers dies out.vii

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  • For a short but engaging overview of Proto-Indo-European language and culture, see DIR, vii–xxxv.

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  • Soon thereafter, so too had the idea that life was divided not into pleasure and pain, but rather into business and pleasure.vii Fascination with the new concept of the business suit arrived in 1870.

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