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  • v. Present participle of vilify.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of defaming or traducing; defamation; slander.


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  • Now, I don't know if the words "scorning" and "dismissing" are accurate to those earlier columns whose contents I stand by, but I know the word "vilifying" is definitely wrong.

    The Tea Party and me

  • Starbucks really wanted to keep their coastal roots but were now kowtowing to every complainer out there who thought they were championing moral decency but were yet again vilifying the human body, while remaining mum on all those shows that depict bloody and violent mayhem.

    Starbucks and the Censored Mermaid « Colleen Anderson

  • Hence, we see those who exposed the felonious activities of our former President demonized as "Clinton Haters!" and John McCain vilifying the Swift Boat Veterans for their "terrible charges" but not Kerry for the "terrible acts" that were the basis for the charges.

    Sound Politics: Fallout of the McGavick DUI Story is More Evidence Civility Theme Works

  • Other news articles showed Mr. Smith had some odd policy positions for a Republican, namely vilifying insurance companies and opposing tort reform.

    mbryan's shared items in Google Reader

  • AAW – first off, it's spelled "vilifying" – secondly, Democrats are not against profit.

    Can the president deliver on jobs in 2010?

  • Since when is [i] not [/i] honoring someone equivalent to "vilifying" them?

    Obama Responds To Richard Cohen Column About His Church And Farrakhan

  • Big Meat is so afraid of antibiotic-free farming it got its lapdog, the American Veterinary Medical Association, to dispute the Pew commission report the bill is based on, saying it romanticized small farmers while "vilifying" large operations and scared the public about antibiotics which could "compromise" affordability.

    In Bad Times for Ag, Temple Grandin Speaks Out

  • So sharp was his critique of the insurance industry that one attendee who identified himself as an industry executive asked him why he was "vilifying" a business that has contributed ideas to the debate.

    Obama Visits Mountain West to Tout Health Agenda

  • The Cabinet minister warned that 'vilifying' fat people will not make them lose weight or solve Britain's obesity 'epidemic'.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Yes, those reading from overseas, Victoria, Australia has a law where telling the truth - ie accurately quoting religious text and laws isn't a defense against being prosecuted for 'vilifying' that religion!

    Australian Islamist Monitor


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