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  • n. Any of a class of quaternary ammonium salts derived from 4,4'-bipyridine


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  • Data obtained with DNA microarray analysis demonstrated that the lack of one of these DnaJ proteins triggers a global stress response and therefore confers the plants greater tolerance to oxidative stress induced by high light or methyl viologen treatments.

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  • After about 4 days, phenotypically normal seedlings of Nipponbare and 93-11 were chosen and placed into water containing 10 μM methyl viologen (MV) to be incubated, whereas water was used as a mock treatment.

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  • An experiment was designed to test Nipponbare (japonica variety) and 93-11 (indica variety) phenotypic divergence under oxidation stress using methyl viologen

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  • Nipponbare seedlings showed strong oxidative stress resistance to methyl viologen (MV) treatment compared to 93-11.

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  • To identify the phenotypic divergence between 93-11 and Nipponbare under methyl viologen (MV) treatment, we transferred the one-week-old seedlings to water (mock treatment) or solution containing different concentration of MV.

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  • In this study, methyl viologen (MV) as a ROS agent was applied to investigate the rice oxidative stress response.

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