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  • n. A mycotoxin, a type B trichothecene that occurs predominantly in grains.


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  • The disease contaminates plants with a toxin called vomitoxin, which can sicken humans and animals if ingested.

    Wet Weather Threatens U.S. Winter Wheat Crop

  • The ministry set the tolerable level of deoxynivalenol, also known as vomitoxin, at 1 part per million in feed for most livestock, Taguchi said. --

  • Dr. Martin Nyachoti, an associate professor with the University of Manitoba's Department of Animal Science, says the main concern when feeding fusarium infected grain to pigs is deoxynivalenon or DON, often referred to as vomitoxin, a mycotoxin that will cause feed refusal resulting in reduced growth rates.

    ThePigSite - Industry News

  • Producers generally must sell wheat at a discount if it has too much vomitoxin.

    Wet Weather Threatens U.S. Winter Wheat Crop

  • And the last time, one of the last times we spoke you had yet to see the vomitoxin or mycotoxin issues in distiller grains. Home Page

  • You've had some pretty significant tailwinds the last couple of quarters in your vomitoxin business, is it safe to assume that you won't see that recur here in this quarter and now we're just waiting for next fall that you've seen the benefit from that mold issue and that's done with.

    Biotech Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • We had an outbreak of vomitoxin interestingly a couple of years ago, I think it was 2008, we had a very strong vomitoxin year in the UE area.

    Biotech Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • I've been eating home-baked bread from wheat flour slightly infected with vomitoxin. - Articles related to DTI favors zero tariffs on cement, wheat

  • (AP) - Kent County has been designated a primary natural disaster area after last year's excessive rains caused vomitoxin losses.

    WMDT Top News Stories

  • Willits said instances of corn containing vomitoxin, a byproduct of mold that can sicken animals if consumed in large amounts, were not expected to grow any worse than current levels in the coming months.

    Reuters: Top News


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  • Not me.

    July 1, 2009

  • I think there are some who would say that moist is more disgusting.

    July 1, 2009

  • Ah...those were the days, weren't they? Still, any word with vomit in it has to be pretty high on the list, doesn't it?

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  • Well, there's always our favorite standby copremesis.

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  • Umm... no. *hurls*

    June 25, 2009

  • A substance created by a certain type of grain mold. Could a word possibly be any more disgusting?

    June 25, 2009