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  • adj. of, relating to, or derived from voyeurism or a voyeur

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  • adj. of or relating to voyeurs or voyeurism


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  • You know…I mean I’m just a technical guy, but doesn’t the word voyeuristic come to mind?


  • On the one hand, it really isn't "news" in any meaningful way, and can pretty accurately be labelled voyeuristic, objectifying, "Othering", etc, etc.

    Disability in China

  • While they are small in numbers relative to the whole population, with the help of wealthy patrons like the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch, who gives both financial aid and a political public address system to blare their message, they have whipped up public frustration with "the system" to give elements of the disgruntled silent majority the same kind of voyeuristic vent that they get from watching Simon Cowell rip into aspiring singers.

    Brian Ross: Throw the Bums In!

  • This is also, unfortunately, a quintessentially human thing: to expect others to fail spectacularly before your eyes in order to fulfill a kind of voyeuristic pleasure in their incompetence, to laugh at the delusional aspirants of greatness who are too foolish to recognize their own personal shortcomings.

    I Dreamed A Dream « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • Unless, of course, you're some kind of voyeuristic perv ...

    Gun Myths, Part II: Rough barrels, expensive binoculars, and "knock-down" power

  • But the only people that will enjoy this documentary bullshit are the kind of voyeuristic mongoloids that will just watch whatever cultural detritus is showing on VH1.

    Naked Britney Spears Pictures Not Especially Naked

  • Fred Berlin, founder of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic, says many of his patients have a "voyeuristic" interest in child pornography.

    Making Punishments Fit the Most Offensive Crimes

  • Such subject matter, if covered at all, was usually done in a kind of voyeuristic way, with expectations of "pity" or "empathy."

    Jeff Wall at Moma (still in progress)

  • This kind of voyeuristic prowling apparently not violent.

    CNN Transcript Oct 22, 2003

  • The Newsline programme, although using politically correct terminology ( "sex-workers") eventually became the worst kind of voyeuristic film.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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