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  • adj. Overly patriotic or nationalistic.

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  • adj. fanatically and bellicosely patriotic; aggressively chauvinistic; belligerent in international relations.
  • adj. Given to expressing partisan sentiments in slogans, especially belligerently patriotic views.

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  • adj. fanatically patriotic


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jingo +‎ -istic


  • "Between references to the Troubles, the Holocaust and post-9/11 America to the Cuban Boat Lift of the 80s and the Japanese internment of the 40s, it is clear that Cuarón sees the world as a constant power struggle between the established and the excluded, a continuation of colonialism and imperialism wrapped up in jingoistic jargon and problematic patriotism."

    GreenCine Daily: Children of Men. Revisited.

  • However the manager resented my bringing this to her attention, as if she didn't personally care and I some kind of jingoistic loon for desiring respect be given to the Stars N 'Stripes.

    He Said Wal-Mart, She Said Target

  • This kind of jingoistic blustering was rampant in the South before the Civil War; how the ‘boys in grey’ could each whip 10 dirty Yankees with one arm tied behind their backs before breakfast …

    Think Progress » Palin: Obama could win reelection if he ‘played the war card’ and declared ‘war on Iran.’

  • I maintain that the argument for war was always built more upon a kind of jingoistic conventional wisdom that deliberately obfuscated the evidence that war was entirely unnecessary.

    Obama: You Wanna Talk About 9/11? Well, Let's Talk About 9/11!

  • This is the same kind of jingoistic thinking that compels millions to watch the Olympics every four years and look at all the peace and good will that it has generated.

    And furthermore...

  • Other readers may rest assured that the only 'jingoistic' event at the Proms remains the singing of Land of Hope and Glory on the last night.

    Reviews of Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra & Dudamel Prom

  • The Last Night of the Proms is when we get the Sea Shanties, Rule Britannia, Land of Hope & Glory and Jerusalem - it's always a bone of contention for those who don't like its 'jingoistic' element, but anytime anyone talks about changing it there's an outcry ...long topic, will save it up for another time.

    This thing called The Proms

  • All this is a kind of jingoistic and I think fundamentally xenophobic maneuver.

    NPR Topics: News

  • But 'jingoistic' sentiments are also evident in the announcement of Peter Bethune's arrest on

    Elites TV

  • Rob: First time in my life I've ever been called "jingoistic," but I hear where you're coming from.

    Living the Romantic Comedy


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  • overly patriotic or nationalistic


    September 13, 2007