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  • n. A ford.


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  • I give him a Solid B. Mr President: Please get tough and decent on memebers of your party like the warth of God for not getting in line.

    Grade the Obama administration on health care

  • Feel the warth as you season the chicken with salt and pepper and then brown it in a large skillet with the olive oil.

    gran gala flambe chicken. « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • Sinve you have done this, do u want to really be subjected to the warth of the fugitive? better contemplate a move man.

    How I helped capture one of America’s most wanted fugitives « The Paradigm Shift

  • Since his soul is warth infinitely more than everything else he possesses or can possess, you are doing the slave an enormous favor by enslaving him and you're earning for yourself kudos in heaven and flights of angels will sing you to your rest for being a noble slaveowner.

    A different flesh

  • Right, but gen ya have any Querks in Law, Mr. Lyer, that will save our Crags, 'twill be warth a Fee.

    The Roundheads: or, The Good Old Cause

  • _ Right; but gen ya have any Querks in Law, Mr. Lyar, that will save our Crags, 'twill be warth a Fee.

    The Works of Aphra Behn, Volume I

  • This is spectlar just like all the other images on this blog as for a name for all Trekies out there how about calling it the mutara nebula (mention in Star Trek 2 the warth of Kahn, it became the Genesis Planet and thanks to Dr Marcuss use of protomater tore itslef apart in Star Trek 3 the search for Spock)

    Discover Blogs

  • Spurs and Co will be feeling the warth of the Cavs ... sianz ...

  • November 14, 2009, 8: 42AM maddenfreak, your are about to provoke the plague's ire .. quit this nonsense at once before the plague unleashes his warth upon thee .. whodats; see attached link for actual impartial madden 10 simulation as posted on espn; played computer-against-computer .. dixiebeerguy

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • I hoped that one day, i will be able to come out of my cowardice and face reality like what Mr. Tian Chuan is doing before he is elected by the Rakyat to Parliment facing the warth of the enforcement agencies and the tormentation of detentions ….

    elizabeth wong


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  • The examples are typos of wrath and warmth, and dialect versions of worth.

    But I would drive a Ford Warth, if it was fuel-efficient.

    October 2, 2015