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  • n. Land that is desolate, barren, or ravaged.
  • n. A place, era, or aspect of life considered as lacking in spiritual, aesthetic, or other humanizing qualities; a vacuum: a cultural wasteland.

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  • n. A region with no remaining resources; a desert.
  • n. Any barren or uninteresting place.

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  • n. an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation


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waste +‎ land


  • That a traitor to England, the writer of Lord Horror, the infamous killer of children and a doomed rock ‘n’ roll showman have voyaged through the same miniscule wasteland is a beguiling fact.

    Ballardian » “Enthusiasm for the mysterious emissaries of pulp”: an interview with David Britton (the Savoy interviews, part 2a)

  • I'm voting Democrat because protecting barren wasteland is more important than energy independence.

    Transmitting History

  • To turn your customer base into a constantly-on-alert totalitarian wasteland is not the effective solution.

    - Boing Boing

  • A tourist returning from hiking along the Great Wall of China decided to take a short cut by jumping down onto 'wasteland' - and was instantly killed when he landed in the jaws of a tiger.

    Home | Mail Online

  • Michael Lee, who retired in December 2005, alleged he was demoted from leading the Gang Enforcement Squad to the records section -- described as a "wasteland" -- after he requested an investigation into his former boss, Cmdr. George Hall, who he said used a racial slur. - Local

  • | Reply played ‘em all except for number 5. starcontrol ii was phenomenal. personally, i thought multiplayer doom was more fun than halo and unreal because you still got to shoot up all the monsters in the middle of frag fests. wasteland is absolutely glorious. scott, remember me telling you that i wanted to have a podcast discussion about that game?

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The top 5 PC games you never played.

  • I thought that Holmes’ term wasteland was not inappropriate.

    The Moor

  • MySpace will always be known as a wasteland where kiddies and self-proclaimed web designers subject the world to their design atrocities.

    Why MySpace Is Really GeoCities 2.0

  • Most of the place is a volcanic wasteland, which is cold much of the year (and has two small ice caps) and that pesky polar cycle of seasons where the sun goes down for only two hours a night in summer and not at all for most of the winter.

    Eric Lurio: Iceland Is Melting!

  • The wasteland is a nasty place, and I can destroy everything and everyone there; I can explore anywhere I want to explore, at my own pace-- exploring the wasteland never felt pointless, as there were interesting, unique encounters seeded everywhere, whereas time spent between missions in many open-world games feels like 'wasting time'.

    Holiday confab


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  • April is the cruellest month, breeding

    Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

    Memory and desire, stirring

    Dull roots with spring rain. -T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland

    December 18, 2006