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  • adjective wrinkled and withered


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  • I can never forget my thrills the first night I took part in a concerted raid, when we assembled on board the Annie -- rough men, big and unafraid, and weazened wharf-rats, some of them ex-convicts, all of them enemies of the law and meriting jail, in sea-boots and sea-gear, talking in gruff low voices, and "Big" George with revolvers strapped about his waist to show that he meant business.

    Chapter 9

  • And yet, in that very moment of instinctive startle and repulsion, the thought was in my mind that with one hand I could take the throat of the weazened wisp of a crippled thing and throttle the malformed life out of it.


  • And with them, here and there, undisguised by their decent American clothing, smaller in bulk and stature, weazened not alone by age but by the pinch of lean years and early hardship, were grandfathers and mothers who had patently first seen the light of day on old Irish soil.


  • "Did I not say, mayhap, they were fighters?" cackled the weazened old hunter.


  • Even when his wife, Queen Mamare, elected to become a Baptist, and invited in a little, weazened, sweet - spirited, club-footed Baptist missionary, King John did not object.


  • "But how can it be that Bill-Man speaks our tongue?" demanded a little weazened old hunter, — "Bill-Man, upon whom never before our eyes have rested?"


  • Three years he worked in the field, at the end of which time he knew more about cane-growing than the overseers or even the superintendent, while the superintendent would have been astounded at the knowledge the weazened little coolie possessed of the reduction processes in the mill.

    Chun Ah Chun

  • The man's stooped and narrow shoulders and weazened chest proclaimed him the true child of the crowded ghetto, and strong on Martin was the age-long struggle of the feeble, wretched slaves against the lordly handful of men who had ruled over them and would rule over them to the end of time.

    Chapter 38

  • "Mayhap they, too, are unafraid, being great fighters," the weazened little old hunter objected.


  • Farther on he knew he would come to where dead spruce and fir, very small and weazened, bordered the shore of a little lake, the titchin-nichilie, in the tongue of the country, the "land of little sticks."



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  • Thin; sharp; withered; wizened; as, a weazen face

    December 26, 2007