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  • n. Acidulated whey, sometimes mixed with buttermilk and sweet herbs, used as a cooling beverage.
  • n. buttermilk
  • v. Urge forward; drive briskly.
  • v. Jog along; move or work briskly.


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Probably related to whey

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Compare frig, jig


  • Grete demanded after giving a lengthy lecture on something called a whig plant.

    Falling In

  • As Herman notes, Duffy overturned the traditional 'whig' interpretation of the Reformation as a chapter in the glorious story of liberty.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Abbreviated to "whig," it speedily became, and has in England and Scotland ever since remained, a name for the opponents of royal power.

    History of the United States, Volume 3 (of 6)

  • For besides petitioner and abhorrer, appellations which were soon forgotten, this year is remarkable for being the epoch of the well-known epithets of "whig" and "tory", by which, and sometimes without any material difference, this island has been so long divided.

    The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part F. From Charles II. to James II.

  • Historiann "Feminism and whig history" (via Academic Ecology)

    Women of the Apollo Program

  • Anyway I recall some FOX VP big whig talking about how the disenfranchised market was huge and very profitable.

    Think Progress » Beck admits he doesn’t give ‘a flying crap about the political process. … We’re an entertainment company.’

  • “If Gen. Taylor adhere to this resolution,” declared the Richmond Times and Compiler, “we are constrained to express an opinion that the whig party cannot be expected to surrender their organization and their principles for the purpose of elevating him to the presidency.”

    A Country of Vast Designs

  • So now, said Frazer, he was going for Polk—“the bosom friend of Old Hickory … the man who stood up in defence of the old hero during the panic session … the man who fought so bravely and so undauntingly the whigs of Tennessee—the pure, whole hog, locofoco democrat, who goes against … the ring-streaked and speckled whig party, with all its odious, abominable measures.”

    A Country of Vast Designs

  • “Every mail which we receive from the north, brings us new and stronger proof of the breadth and strength of the whig movement towards abolition,” warned the Union on October 10.

    A Country of Vast Designs

  • Nor would he withdraw his name from the canvass, “whoever may be the nominee of the national convention, either of the whig or democratic party.”

    A Country of Vast Designs


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