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  • n. Eye dialect spelling of widow.


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  • Oh, beauchus maiden "(strangling as he realized he should have said" widder "and now utterly confounded, he said):" Oh, Sary! be mah widder widdout mah love -- NO, Sary, be mah wife widdout my widder.

    Polly and Eleanor

  • He's going to propose to the 'widder'! "whispered Eleanor, burying her face in Polly's back to stop the spasm of laughter.

    Polly and Eleanor

  • Racahel de Vienne 5:50 pm: you have a question, widder?

    Transcript: Writing Paganism and Non-Christian Religions « Coyote Con

  • Simon Wood 9:14 pm: for widder, i write in different genres and i mix them from time to time.

    Transcript: Cheap Thrills-Crime and Mystery Fiction « Coyote Con

  • Susan Willinck, widder ... an 'Bo-chump, how you say that?


  • Brown needs a trained officer if he's to take that arsenal - why, the man's but a peasant, half-crazy, half-iggerant, leadin 'a crew of jayhawkers an' farmers, scrimmagin 'in backyards an' rob-bin 'widder women.


  • As with Steven Spielberg's 2005 THE WAR OF THE WORLDS remake, THE HAPPENING concludes with an encounter between the displaced protagonists and a problematic and potentially dangerous rube... in this case, nasty old widder woman Betty Buckley.

    People are strange

  • I'm out to do my weekly visit to saint mary's to light candles and send out prayers..will light one for your and your health and one for the widder sorry..

    Buzzard Blogging

  • Alone we wos; the widder and me wos alone; and I believe it wos only because we WOS alone and there wos no clergyman in the conwayance, that that ‘ere widder didn’t marry me afore ve reached the half-way station.

    Master Humphrey's Clock

  • Wot I say is, is that ‘ere female a widder, or is she not?’

    Master Humphrey's Clock


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