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  • n. People engaged in work or labor, particularly in manual labor.


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  • The work-people humbled themselves before the offended dignitary, and spake him soft and fair; and at length, upon Mr. Butler recalling to his mind that it was the ordination-day, and that the workmen were probably thinking of going to church,

    The Heart of Mid-Lothian

  • The suspicious old man learned a good deal over nips of brandy with the work-people, and something more by questioning

    Eve and David

  • The whole effect upon the mind of a cool observer was of a covey of unsubstantial jabbering minds drifting over a series of irrational economic cataclysms, prices and employment tumbled about like towers in an earthquake, and amidst the shifting masses were the common work-people going on with their lives as well as they could, suffering, perplexed, unorganized, and for anything but violent, fruitless protests, impotent.

    In the Days of the Comet

  • Melbury soon put the horse to rights, and seeing that Grace was safe, turned again to the work-people.

    The Woodlanders

  • Till within this last century the farmers, even of a respectable condition, dined with their work-people.


  • That filled a large part of her life — straying round talking with the work-people.

    The Ladybird

  • Every Christmas Sam Adams gave a party at his house, to which he invited his superior work-people — not factory hands and labourers, but those above.

    The Prussian Officer and Other Stories

  • Moreover, this stern, fearless clergyman had the soldiers that were sent to defend the neighbourhood billeted at his house; and this deeply displeased the work-people, who were to be intimidated by the red-coats.

    The Life of Charlotte Bronte

  • As the principle of individual liberty is not involved in the doctrine of Free Trade so neither is it in most of the questions which arise respecting the limits of that doctrine: as for example, what amount of public control is admissible for the prevention of fraud by adulteration; how far sanitary precautions, or arrangements to protect work-people employed in dangerous occupations, should be enforced on employers.

    On Liberty

  • "Some buyers were avid followers of [Meier's] work-people from the fashion world, people associated with design."

    Richard Meier Builds Perry Street Palace For Calvin and Martha


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