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  • adj. Of or resembling an amoeba, especially in changeability of form and means of locomotion.

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  • adj. Alternative spelling of ameboid.
  • n. Single‐celled organism that moves or feeds by means of temporary projections, called pseudopods. They are taxonomically classified in a sub‐phylum called Sarcodina.

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  • adj. like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)


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amoeba +‎ -oid


  • Now if the student will compare Section 35, he will see that in the white blood corpuscles we have a very remarkable resemblance to the amoeba; the contractile vacuole is absent, but we have the protoplasmic body, the nucleus and nucleolus, and those creeping fluctuations of shape through the thrusting out and withdrawal of pseudopodia, which constitute "amoeboid" motion.

    Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata

  • In the developing mammalian brain, for example, neurons migrate up into the cranium, using much the same kind of amoeboid movement that our deep ancestor employed to capture bacteria.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Why, you have no use for them anyway, you obviously spontaneously generate amongst you single celled, amoeboid pieces of sh it in the GOP.

    Think Progress » Utah state representative claims climate change is a ‘conspiracy’ aimed at population control.

  • As the amoeboid conglomeration expanded, so did its square feet, rising up 1515 Broadway's glassy facade with every successive purchase.

    Mogul Request Live

  • It shouldn't, but we have to respect the fact that we work in universities with department names, and attempts to make an amoeboid department that covers all of science probably don't tend to work very well.

    Roger Y. Tsien - Interview

  • Those in the stalk will die; only the spores will go on to form the next amoeboid generation.

    The Selfless Gene

  • One way to start: draw an arbitrary shape (like an amoeba silhouette) and then ask yourself: could this*particular* shape be blessed, by some inherent logic, with a special non-predicate status like “exist”, and yet other shapes (like a somewhat different amoeboid outline, or triangles, etc.) not be?

    Please Tell Me What “God” Means

  • Monarchic states were amoeboid entities, which shrank, expanded or coalesced according to the relative military and political skills of particular rulers.

    War On Terrorism Handled Wrongly

  • Brandt was especially struck by a tiny amoeboid, epistominella exigua, that seems to thrive at depths below 6000 metres as well as in much shallower waters, showing "a previously unsuspected ability to adapt to a wide range of pressures".

    Species ‘Treasure Trove’ Found at Sea | Impact Lab

  • The raw data is inspiring enough, but Koblin makes it look like the U.S. is juggling 19,000 brightly colored balls, or scintillating with pyrotechnic tracers, or in the pièce de résistance, spawning molten globules of amoeboid protoplasm.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Visualizing flights; visualizing Google


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  • "There is often water in the raft these days. My legs push the rubber floor into the sea until I'm about mid-thigh deep.... When I lose my balance, I fall into the black, clutchy amoeboid, and it's quite a battle to keep from being totally engulfed."

    --Steven Callahan, Adrift, 198–199

    May 15, 2008