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  • adj. being one more than eighteen
  • n. the cardinal number that is the sum of eighteen and one


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  • Comp. ", xix," O quam præclare providentia ut illo die quo natus est Sol ... nasceretur Christus. "

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux

  • I), less grave but yet serious sins, which he enumerates in "De Pud.", xix: "Sins of daily committal, to which we are all subject; to whom indeed does it not occur to be angry without cause and after the sun has set, or to give a blow, or easily to curse, or to swear rashly, or break a contract, or lie through shame or necessity?

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon

  • Speakers of Cherokee say no-qui-si.xix And in West Greenlandic, an Eskimo-Aleut tongue, the word is ulluriaq.

    The English Is Coming!

  • Meaning “bench” or “long seat,” this native term was entirely devoid of any association with Roman coins or Italian mounds of real or theoretical silver and gold.xix Quite unlike the “workbench” that Mediterranean bankers adapted from Germanic languages to describe work surfaces for their money-changing operations, the Old English benc had potent Germanic associations.

    The English Is Coming!

  • But what Rosenbaum seems to have taken away most from his encounter with The Original of Laura is that on page xix of the book's front matter Dmitri Nabokov thanks ...

    October 2009

  • In addition to weight reduction, GM has been studied for its effects on constipation, serum cholesterol, (xvii) blood glucose, (xviii) blood pressure, (xix) and insulin resistance syndrome. (xx)

    Mark Hyman, MD: The Super Fiber That Controls Your Appetite and Blood Sugar

  • Well, BusinessWeek actually did an excellent story on this very topic earlier this year, [xix] and they found the REAL numbers right on Pfizer's own newspaper ad for Lipitor.

    The Cholesterol Myth That Could Be Harming Your Health

  • If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it, xix, 114

    Divine Transformation

  • Introduction to Platina, On Right Pleasure, xix. back

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • There is some evidence, moreover (Andy Elfenbein tells me) that legend was sounded in Keats's day with a first long e; if so, leaf gets an echo, along with a pun on legion'd — a word Keats sounds in fantasy in The Eve of St. Agnes, where "legion'd fairies pac'd the coverlet" of Madeline's quiet sleep (xix).

    Sounding Romantic: The Sound of Sound


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