Plural form of you.' name='description'> y'all - definition and meaning


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  • pronoun dialect, southern US Plural form of you.
  • pronoun dialect, southern US, nonstandard Singular form of you.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Contraction of you all.



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  • don't forget you'ins (sp?)

    December 19, 2006

  • And my favorite contraction, the future y'all'll.

    January 6, 2007

  • What is the general consensus on the punctuation?

    January 6, 2007

  • I always use "y'all". There was some commotion at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta b/c somebody held up a sign spelled ya'll. You just don't *do* that in the South. Personally, I have always wondered about the possessive. Is it y’all’s and all y'alls'?

    February 7, 2007

  • Who worries about apostrophes when using y'all? I'd go with y'all's and all y'all's, myself. There's also the option of saying "Is this for y'all?" instead of "Is this y'all's?"

    February 7, 2007

  • Oh yeah, my (Yankee) family mocks me for saying "y'all" all the time, but really I live in the South, I have no choice. I'll take more guff for saying "you guys" or "youse" than I would for saying "y'all."

    I like these:


    all y'all's OR

    y'all's's (pronounced "yallses")

    y'all'll (a.k.a. y'all are gunna)



    y'all'r'n't (as in "y'all'r'n't gunna leave now, are y'all?" I'd say "y'all aren't" except that isn't how y'all pronounce it)

    I can't think of any more right now, my brain is tired. Y'all'll go on without me anyways.

    P.S. trivet? I worry about apostrophes all the time. It's my job. :-) No, really, it is.

    February 7, 2007

  • This word is one of my guilty pleasures. I'm an enormous stickler when it comes to spelling and grammar and punctuation... but I figure if I'm even using y'all I've already broken the rules. So at that point, who even cares about spelling and punctuation and grammar? It all goes out the window. I use y'all and all its illegal variants, and I don't care. I'm the James Dean of proper English.

    February 7, 2007

  • It only took 32 days, but I finally got some responses.

    February 8, 2007

  • Yes, but "Is this for y'all?" defeats the whole point of saving half a second.

    February 8, 2007

  • Y'ins are weird. ;-)

    February 8, 2007