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  • n. A form of hentai involving two or more females in a homosexual relationship.
  • n. A narrative or visual work featuring a romance or sexual relationship between two or more females.


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From Japanese 百合 (yuri), "lilly", by analogy to 薔薇 (bara) "rose", indicating gay men. See Yuri_(genre)#Etymology on Wikipedia.Wikipedia:Yuri_(genre)#Etymology


  • It also appears once in a while in Japanese yuri hentai.

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  • I really like SHAFT’s visuals, but yuri is not my cup of tea.

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  • Fuck fighting cotto again … dont cotto have a chance … u think cotto is dangerous in 154 when he beat a no name yuri foreman … ..

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  • AnimeSigma Opposed, because it's supposed to be some kind of yuri thing, and dosetsu from Opposed bought the book and scanned it.

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  • After all, this kind of yuri is clearly created for girls.

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  • The term "yuri", meaning lily, is the counterpart to "bara", or rose, which is a slang term for male homosexuals.

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  • But the "yuri" still stems in the fact that it's a show about a group of (mostly) sexually ambiguous female characters who live together, and occasionally come into contact with one another.

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  • It's a more innocent kind of yuri as there it's not overly fanservicey and involves a lot of blushing, which has its faults and merits.

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  • "Garden of Lily" ( "yuri" actually means "lily"), a lesbian prostitution service for women, offers the manga on its site as a way of reassuring patrons. Antenna

  • Besides moe or harem series, they could prefer other similar genres of anime such as yuri, slice-of-life, or romantic drama/comedy.

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