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  • Zork - The word 'zork' was slang for an unfinished program.


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  • That is a quarter-century, for those of you who like more flourish, a game I first attended as an acne-bedazzled zork of 18 years old in January 1986 with my future brother-in-law Jon Vaden and my still-wonderful-friend Kendall Crosswell.

    chicken egg and cheese

  • At 2008-04-17 on 8: 47 p.m. spring break oh how i love thee! monday: i bought a pink cruiser from target. tuesday: me and christine met up at 1130. rode our bikes to fremont for a few hours. went to sports center to visit valerie at zork. went to piedmontey cause we wanted to bike around three cities. so i came home at 6: 30. biking for 7 hours.

    cest-karen Diary Entry

  • They might date a complete zork believing that the zork will never leave them, not realizing the zork pines for the fjords of every other woman on earth.

    lulu lumens

  • In two weeks, I'd gone from fashionless zork with terrible skin, zero affection, and accoutrements stuck in the mid-1970s ... to being a happy, wine-cooler sipping fratboy with a hot date to the pledge formal.

    venti anni fa

  • MUDS might be LIKE zork only cuz they are text, but most “Wizards” of Muds are much more imaginative, and powerful in their tools to allow for a greater degree of variation.

    Why There Are No Great Video Game Critics (Yet) « Whatever

  • Zork is worse than that. zork requires EXACT SYNTAXUAL repetition, of words that are not expressed within the story line.

    Why There Are No Great Video Game Critics (Yet) « Whatever

  • It was 1985, and everyone else looked normal, it was ME who maintained a zork-spaz relationship with haircuts and eyewear.

    i fancy a brandy

  • I'm not trying to be a sensitive, kumbayah-crooning, macramé-sandaled zork, either - I just don't get it.

    0 to 60 in 3h, 45m


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  • Long long ago, it was a place in Scotland. Oct 1568 "repairs at Zork" c. 1711

    Zork 1709 1841

    1975, Zork is mentioned as part of a Mathematical problem

    I'm not sure if that math class was taken by the person who made the computer game.

    1976 book, The Blue Stone

    Then in 1980, we had the command line computer game Byte magazine.

    Wikipedia's article on Zork the game, says that their word came from MIT Hacker slang for an unfinished program.

    In looking through old Google books, it's a person's name, a character's name in stories, and sometimes the name of hardware companies.

    January 2, 2013

  • the name of that homunculus that sits behind your eyes with the levers of behavior in his fevered hands...

    if you're interested see:

    December 1, 2006