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  • I feel much cleaner after it rains.

    June 13, 2011

  • I think they're the same word just variants in spelling. I always knew the definition as 'an elite Turkish guard' as well. 'Loyal supporter' sounds like some one tried to simplify. If you call a person janissary these days chances are you don't mean literally but rather showing a similar loyalty (revolts included, of course).

    January 11, 2008

  • More fun than palindromes! I've got some: wayside/sideway, windup/upwind, takeout/outtake; and if you can split the word: downfall/fall down & lighthouse/house light.

    July 13, 2007

  • Thanks all, Peake is my favourite writer (and his books have the best words.)

    Seanahan, yeah I like ephemeral I don't know why I didn't highlight it at first. Throughout the book I love how Peake sets up comparisons with the castle as timeless, in this case ephemeral weather vs immemorial defiance. I also love his descriptions of weather in general which capture its wild power and beauty.

    July 12, 2007

  • uselessness, if you use < em> and < /em> tags (without the spaces after italics will still show up.

    July 10, 2007

  • Usage: Look at that donkey! Coolio!

    Least favourite word. I can stomach lots of 'IM-speak' and slang that my friends use, but for some reason whenever I hear this word something hurts inside. Nails on a blackboard.

    July 7, 2007

  • It is something I remember from Mervyn Peake's Titus cycle (from which I have memorised entirely too much) the tile is where it comes from (Gormenghast, 323).

    July 6, 2007

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