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  • noun The sacred book of Christianity, a collection of ancient writings including the books of both the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  • noun The Hebrew Scriptures, the sacred book of Judaism.
  • noun A particular copy of a Bible.
  • noun A book or collection of writings constituting the sacred text of a religion.
  • noun A book considered authoritative in its field.
  • noun A document containing in-depth details about a movie or television series that writers and production staff consult in order to avoid continuity errors.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The Book, or rather the Books (see etym.), by way of eminence; the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.
  • noun Hence Any book or collection of religious writings received by its adherents as a divine revelation: as, the Koran is the Bible of the Mohammedans; the Mormon Bible.
  • noun [lowercase] Any great book.
  • noun [lowercase] A medieval military engine for throwing large stones.

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  • noun obsolete A book.
  • noun The Book by way of eminence, -- that is, the book which is made up of the writings accepted by Christians as of divine origin and authority, whether such writings be in the original language, or translated; the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments; -- sometimes in a restricted sense, the Old Testament. Also, the book which is made up of writings similarly accepted by the Jews.
  • noun A book containing the sacred writings belonging to any religion.
  • noun a book with an authoritative exposition of some topic, respected by many who are experts in the field.
  • noun an association for securing the multiplication and wide distribution of the Bible.
  • noun See Douay Bible.
  • noun See under Geneva.

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  • proper noun The Christian holy book.
  • proper noun The Jewish holy book that was largely incorporated into the Christian Bible.
  • proper noun The analogous holy book of another religion.
  • noun A specific version, edition, translation, or copy of one of the above-mentioned texts.

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  • noun the sacred writings of the Christian religions
  • noun a book regarded as authoritative in its field


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[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin biblia, from Greek, pl. of biblion, book, diminutive of biblos, papyrus, book, from Bublos, Byblos.]

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See bible.


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  • Church shootings and candle lights vie beneath 'Bible black' skies yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Church shootings and candle lights vie beneath \'Bible black\' skies '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: The sky was Bible black and ringing with thunder last night above Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in West Knoxville.

    Church shootings and candle lights vie beneath 'Bible black' skies 2008

  • Selections of Bible text from the International Children's Bible® are combined with delightful articles to help a budding warrior earn his armor.

    Words fail me. Angry Professor 2008

  • The Oldest bible in existance is the Sinai Bible and in that Bible their is no Resurection and No Virgin Birth.

    OC Pilgrimage, Station 03: TBN HQ. | Mind on Fire 2006

  • Their alpha-male, homophobic attitudes amount to, once again, MORE bible comedy…According to their Bible, male homosexuality and/or male masturbation were tantamount to abortion or murder, and punishable by death.

    Homophobic men and Misogyny–do they go hand in hand? 2005

  • Studying the origin, development, history, and effect of the bible sic on Western civilization is a completely different enterprise from the Bible study class these groups are foisting off.

    The Bible as Elective Course in Public Schools - The Panda's Thumb 2005

  • Suffragists were condemned for compiling a new Bible and were obliged to explain again and again that _The Woman's Bible_ expressed Mrs. Stanton's personal views and not those of the movement.

    Susan B. Anthony Rebel, Crusader, Humanitarian Alma Lutz

  • Completely absorbed in trying to prove that the Bible, accurately translated and interpreted, did not teach the inferiority or the subordination of women, she was writing a book which she called _The Woman's Bible_, chapters of which were already appearing in the _Woman's Tribune_.

    Susan B. Anthony Rebel, Crusader, Humanitarian Alma Lutz

  • To those who regarded every word of the Bible as inspired by God, _The Woman's Bible_ was heresy, and both the clergy and the press stirred up a storm of protest against it.

    Susan B. Anthony Rebel, Crusader, Humanitarian Alma Lutz

  • »HARRISONBURG COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY is now enrolling for its non-denominational women's Bible study.

    Daily News-Record 2009

  • BiblicalMail. com, a pet project of founder and CEO of Luddite Creative LLC, Matthew Harp, was designed to help spread the Gospel to those whose, those who had not been prior-exposed to the bible or whose daily lives distracted them from Bible study. Press Releases 2009


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