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  • n. A cubicle with a door to provide the appearance of a private office.
  • n. A coffee shop used as if it is one's office


A blend of cubicle and office (Wiktionary)
A blend of coffee shop and office (Wiktionary)


  • i like 'the offee shop'. to me, 'coffice' sounds like someone is sick. and barfice is hysterical! haha haha haha ... way to be cool!

    "Honey, I'm Off to the..."

  • With independent workers now comprising a full 30% of the workforce in the United States, shared office spaces -- the term of art is coffice -- are proliferating around the globe.

    Delia Lloyd: 5 New Trends in Work

  • She came into the coffice, walked up to me and asked to borrow a pen.

    The Wacky Mack-Attack-y

  • As I sat outside the coffice, two men in their twenties walked up.

    "You're a Fucking Ape"

  • As I headed downwind back to the coffice it felt more like 30.

    "How's the Weather Up There?"

  • Not so long ago, I was sitting outside the coffice, eavesdropping on a man at a nearby table.

    Conspiracy Theories

  • For example, my coffice, the "Big Rue", has been serving all beverages in to-go cups - all styrofoam all the time.

    Small Victories

  • Overheard in front of the coffice: "You ever heard of Anna Karenina?"

    "Miss Literary"

  • Wednesday, as I was sitting outside the coffice (which is, at this time of year, Tulane grad-student central), I noticed the man sitting just inside the window from me.

    Slimbo's Fashion Tips: Repeat Offenders

  • I mean, champagne as the bubbly portion of your concoction AND an excuse to drink before heading out to the coffice seems somewhat more European to me.


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  • "Ms Frid is among a growing number of Melburnians who use cafes as temporary office spaces, or coffices as they are dubbed. With many cafes offering free Wi-Fi access and a growing number of people having laptops, iPads and iPhones, working from a cafe has become an attractive alternative to offices."
    - Rachel Wells, A meet-and-eat revolution is brewing at the 'coffice',, 3 April 2011.

    April 3, 2011

  • Coffices–Coffee Shops for Working

    September 28, 2010