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  • n. Anything old or of inferior quality.
  • n. Redundant, old or improperly written code, especially that which accumulates over time; clutter.


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Uncertain: possibly from Cruft Hall, the name of the radar laboratory of Harvard's physics department during the Second World War, which contained much old and unused technical equipment; possibly a blend of crust and fluff, both of which suggest things that are obsolete and superfluous; possibly a modified form of crust.


  • I mean, I feel better when I get my schedule and todo items recorded and not cluttering my brain, I wonder what other cruft is knocking around up there.

    Minor Observations

  • As a result, many of us have thousands of old, unneeded files -- a.k.a. "cruft" -- cluttering our hard drives.


  • Magic Signatures correctly eschews all the usual X. 509 cruft, which is completely unnecessary here; all you need is a simple RSA public key.

    Planet XML

  • Ignoring the indirect syscall cruft we the call the handler and the real work of the syscall is executed.

    Planet Sun

  • My personal preference would be to get rid of the "cruft" (cute word, that). Sorry About the PopUp

  • As the entry points out, 'cruft' was in the TMRC dictionary, which is about as old as we are. UNKNOWN TO DICTIONARIES.

  • The jargon file discusses it, but everything it says about 'cruft' looks off to me. UNKNOWN TO DICTIONARIES.

  • The elimination of the text or "cruft" from the search results page, leaving a mosaic of images. New Product Reviews

  • The elimination of the text "cruft" also means that the metadata will only show up as a user hovers over the image result. New Product Reviews

  • This set was created primarily from the official PHP documentation but includes some original code as well. all clippings (optionally) conform as closely as possible to the Zend/PEAR style guides removed hundreds of duplicate clippings (mostly constants) removed "cruft" (primarily from Snippets and Control Structures) reorganized clippings into more logical folder structures based this set on a very recent version of the manual the set now includes more than 9,200 functions, constants, methods, properties, snippets, control structures and more added additional "interactive" functionality to some date functions (I could never remember exactly which switches to use when formatting dates)

    MacUpdate - Mac OS X


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  • I just used 'cruft' in a non-technical conversation, not realizing this was only techie jargon. It was crystal clear from my context what the meaning was, so I didn't even get a funny look.

    April 9, 2010

  • cruft is used in the context of software development to indicate dead code or data, i.e., code or data fragments that are no longer used.

    September 30, 2009

  • "Cruft is computing jargon for "code, data, or software of poor quality", according to the Hacker's Dictionary.

    "Man, I have to clean up all this cruft first before I write a clean implementation."

    April 17, 2009

  • "Cruft" is a word used by programmers to describe "an old mess which gets in the way." A programmer might say to another: "I'll fix that bug just as soon as I remove all the cruft in the function."

    March 27, 2009