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  • n. A sheep-goat hybrid, an animal with DNA from a goat and from a sheep (whether artificially produced or the result of animals from these species naturally intermating).


Blend of goat and sheep (Wiktionary)


  • He's enjoying the reaction this bioethically edgy information -- complete with slides of an adorable glowing kitten and a hybrid "geep" -- is getting from his audience.

    Mary J. Loftus: Children Who Glow? A Jewish Law Perspective On Reproductive Ethics

  • I've put a sheep/goat chimera at the bottom of the picture (not to be confused with a hybrid), but whatever you do, don't call it a "geep".

    Cloven Chimera Buyers

  • In the laboratory, scientists took the embryonic cells from each of these animals, fused them together, and gave birth to a new species on earth called a "geep," half sheep, half goat; the head of a goat, the body of a sheep; a chimera, a new composite creature.

    Speech to the City Club on The BioTech Century

  • That ensures that the resulting animals look like normal sheep rather than strange hybrids like the "geep", created by fusing the embryos of a sheep and goat.

    Boing Boing: December 14, 2003 - December 20, 2003 Archives

  • Labels: chimera, donated spam, geep, spam headers comments: robot_vs_vampyr@livejournal said ...

    Cloven Chimera Buyers

  • Like the chimeras of myth, the geep exhibits morphological traits of multiple species, with wool on some parts of its body and hair on others.

    Human/Non-Human Chimeras

  • Legs tied together, the geep were tossed on top of buses to be transported.

    Long Way Down

  • I was looking forward to it, but right now I was exhausted and there were geep all over the road.

    Long Way Down

  • Women keeping the sun off with umbrellas sold millet and maize, donkeys, geep and camels.

    Long Way Down

  • Your lordship vill not be able to geep your garridge, but you vill be gomfortable, and serve his

    The Fatal Boots

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