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  • n. the solid body of the Earth

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  • n. The atmosphere of the earth as distinguished from that of other planets.
  • n. One of the concentric, spheroidal shells of which the earth may be conceived to consist.

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  • n. the solid part of the earth consisting of the crust and outer mantle


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From geo- + -sphere.


  • Noosphere (source: wiki): In the original theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life).

    Pavel Somov, Ph.D.: Noosphere of Naiveté

  • Suddenly images of Sphinxes and Gryphons pop up all over the 15th-century B.C. geosphere, as do toys and board games and educational institutions.

    When Civilization Went Global

  • Inspired by scientist James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis-which posits that the earth is a self-regulating system-SimEarth lets players control the geosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and civilization of random planets.

    War Of The Electronic Ants

  • This layer of living organisms — the biosphere — through the collective meta­bolic activities of its innumerable plants, animals, and microbes physically and chemically unites the atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere into one environmental system within which millions of species, including humans, have thrived.

    Ecosystems and Human Well-being~ Biodiversity Synthesis~ Key Questions on Biodiversity in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

  • The German biogeographer Troll coined the phrase "landscape ecology" in 1939 and defined landscape as “‘the total spatial and visual entity’ of human living space, integrating the geosphere with the biosphere and its noospheric [of knowledge] man-made artifacts.”

    Landscape ecology

  • "Climate system" means the totality of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere and their interactions.

    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (full text)

  • Oh, and be sure to sign the guest map so I can dispatch nanobots to ensure your sector of the geosphere is spared devastation from gray goo!

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • The poem takes place in a skyey geosphere featuring differences of light and dark, height and depth, heaven and earth, water and land.

    A Tour of the Sceptic

  • "Let's not discuss the nuclear waste we are putting into the geosphere, and the racism overflowing in our country, but let's divert all of our attention on drunk drivers under 21, teenage-sex, and the increasingly vicious problem of marijuana abuse."

    Phrack Issue #20 (Taran King and Knight Lightning Return)

  • The climate system is complex composite of several sub-systems, including the hydrosphere, the biosphere, the atmosphere, the geosphere and human systems. News


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