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  • I've heard michigander a bunch of times, but never michigoose.

    August 2, 2007

  • Yikes! That's quite a nickname you have there! :-)

    August 1, 2007

  • see also michigander


    Speaking of Michigan nicknames, If you live in the upper penninsula you're a "UPer" (pronounced You-per) if you live in the lower penninsula you're a "troll" because you live "Under the bridge". If you are from Indiana, Illinois, or Ohio you're a "flatlander".

    So since I came from one of those states and now live in the lower penninsula and am female, I guess that would make me a "flatlander michagoose troll " plus since I'm a librarian who likes University of Michigan over Notre Dame I'm a wolverine librarian sooooo, that would make me a "flatlander michagoose wolverine librarian troll"

    note variant spellling here; michagoose in the text, michigoose in the tag.

    August 1, 2007