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  • n. Plural form of middie.
  • n. Middle-grade marijuana.


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Shortening of middle +‎ -ie +‎ -s (possibly either genitive or plural).


  • According to last week's Navy Times, a new investigation by the naval inspector general indicated that 125 "middies" -- including 25 of the 28 senior football players -- may be implicated in what could be the largest cheating scandal in Annapolis history.

    Sailing Through Troubled Seas

  • But he told us one felt the motion there, more than anywhere else, in a storm; which must be some consolation to the "middies" who have to work for years before they can ever hope for such luxurious quarters.

    Set in Silver

  • On one of these pleasant outposts was the college camp; and half a dozen pretty girl graduates, in "middies" and khaki skirts, came down to meet


  • Jerrold, the other youth, in company with the lanky boy of my own size were still hovering about, though neither had spoken to me; and the two were just now having a chat together by the door of the after-deckhouse, which Mr Mackay had pointed out to me as set apart for the accommodation of us "middies," or apprentices, although I had not yet had an opportunity of inspecting its interior arrangements.

    Afloat at Last A Sailor Boy's Log of his Life at Sea

  • In the cockpit, long associated with merry, mischievous sprites of "middies," there had been for many a year the representation of a funeral urn, with the sentence, "Here Nelson died."

    Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen — Volume 1

  • The three "middies" astride of that topsail-yard were, of course, castaways from the same ship, in the service of the same Government, though each was of a different nationality from the other two.

    The Boy Slaves

  • "middies" (the boy officers), who are often sent there to air themselves, and profit, if they can, by calm reflection in exalted solitude.

    Man on the Ocean A Book about Boats and Ships

  • But Dr. Barlow had warned the two middies not to muss their dress uniforms.


  • Since being introduced the ambassador and his assistants had ignored the two middies.


  • Deryn doubted this cable was designed to hold the weight of a dead Huxley and two middies.



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  • Derogatory (but affectionate) term for navy midshipmen used by students of St. John's College.

    June 29, 2011