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  • Phronesis is only phoras kai rou noesis, or perhaps phoras onesis, and in any case is connected with pheresthai; gnome is gones skepsis kai nomesis; noesis is neou or gignomenon esis; the word neos implies that creation is always going on -- the original form was neoesis; sophrosune is soteria phroneseos; episteme is e epomene tois pragmasin -- the faculty which keeps close, neither anticipating nor lagging behind; sunesis is equivalent to sunienai, sumporeuesthai ten psuche, and is a kind of conclusion -- sullogismos tis, akin therefore in idea to episteme; sophia is very difficult, and has a foreign look -- the meaning is, touching the motion or stream of things, and may be illustrated by the poetical esuthe and the Lacedaemonian proper name


  • The neos are the new kids on the block - so to speak.

    Talk To Action

  • (nomesis) of generation, for to ponder is the same as to consider; or, if you would rather, here is noesis, the very word just now mentioned, which is neou esis (the desire of the new); the word neos implies that the world is always in process of creation.


  • So it really makes me sad to see youngsters get pissed off attending Worldcon and going back to their fan groups reporting that because they liked films and TV SF that they were looked down upon, and that because they were young and that this was their first con that they were dismissed as 'neos' and not welcomed and encouraged.

    MIND MELD: What Can Worldcon and Comic-Con Learn From Each Other?

  • And the neos hate it (as they do the firewalls against promoting a central religion and protections of privacy, and that these obligations superscede the powers of the individual states).

    Think Progress » Republicans Block Bills Ensuring Continuation Of Military Health Care

  • But some of us can be so opinionated, arrogant, and self-righteous that the neos turn away.

    A Sorrowful Tale of High Velocity

  • So, we had a "benign domino theory" in the middle east, in which the fall of Saddam supposedly led to flowering democracy ... and now we have a League of Democracies proposed to stand up to the world's autocrats like Russia and China, thus a new meta-conflict (World War V?) to go along with the other meta-conflict proposed by the neos: World War IV, against the terrorist jihadis.

    More on Georgia - Swampland -

  • You know, like his bulls**t about "country first" and the fact that on Monday he was doing his impersonation of empathy for Gustav victims: That is when he (and all the other talking-point-mantra-spewing neos) said:

    McCain's Speech: Obama Doesn't Have "The Scars" That I Have

  • You're killing me!!! by Mr M on Thursday, Feb 5, 2009 at 4: 48: 33 PM buried alive neos - conned by First Last on Thursday, Feb 5, 2009 at 10: 11: 38 AM

    The War on Terror is a Hoax

  • And can we really be surprised that Blackwater's mercenaries (who are paid $1000 a day -- which is more than our soldiers get in a month; so much for supporting the troops) are killing Iraqi civilians with impunity (since Dubya -- or at least Rummy and the neos -- gave them immunity from Iraq's laws)?

    Utter waste


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    July 10, 2008