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  • adj. Having real substance; apposite, pertinent.
  • adj. Having a point; not pointless.


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From point +‎ -ful.


  • Comments every so often it occurs to me that i want to record all the books i read with a few lines sam-summary, but i have not yet done this. have you started already? will you use blog to do it then? hmm ... intriguing. i am inspired to begin using my blog for more pointful ends, not just for spewing vast quantities of inanity across the blogosphere. yes, "pointful" is a word, bizatch. and i might also add that spewing inanity certainly has a time and place.

    Oh And ...

  • Drama, Movie Trailers, Kate-Winslet, Leonardo-DiCaprio, Revolutionary-Road, Sam-Mendes ann pointless to you!! very pointful to me!!!

    Revolutionary Road Movie Trailer | /Film

  • At no point in the recording does it tell me that my flight and all Continental flights out of Newark HAVE BEEN ACTUALLY CANCELLED so thanks for that pointful bulletin, guys.

    All Aboard the Failbus

  • And the small post on accessibility has kind of turned into a state of the genre thing, and is a thousand words long, with digressions and rambling, which I'm not at all certain is pointful because the state of the industry now is actually a year or two old (the consequence of lead-times, among other things).

    Is it just me?

  • Up until this point, I've been hiding behind meaningful, pointful group blogs that are about something.

    Welcome! and justifications

  • And they are arguably much more pointful than the sorts which are not.

    Johann Gottfried von Herder

  • Asking it to explain its motives roughly as pointful as negotiating with an ant colony to get it to abandon your kitchen.

    Boing Boing: July 7, 2002 - July 13, 2002 Archives

  • Good history of Yahoo's acquisition of Webrings. com and their total failure to do anything clueful or pointful with the community-building code once they owned it.

    Boing Boing: December 2, 2001 - December 8, 2001 Archives

  • Well, that about sums it up for this short and non-pointful entry.

    terrarose Diary Entry

  • I had more patience, they would lead it back in a more pointful direction on their own.

    What Now?


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