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  • v. Past participle of pussywhip
  • adj. Submissive to or dominated by one's wife or other female partner, frequently with the connotation that this submissive behavior is for the prospect of sex.


First attested 1956. (Wiktionary)


  • So much so, that she could call me "pussywhipped" when in one conversation I described my duties around the house.

  • My mother in law once called someone "pussywhipped" in conversation and when we all stopped to stare at her, she turned with a blank look and said "What?

    I Can't Seem to Stop....

  • Everyone from that time will accurately tell you that I was seriously pussywhipped.

    Fallin’ Up

  • Rod used it in his hit "Hot Legs" when he sang "are ya pussywhipped?" but had to record two versions -- one without it -- for the censors of the late 70s.

    Carole Mallory: 'Some Guys Have All the Luck': Memories of Rod Stewart

  • Her softness, her cuddliness, and her one imagines impeccable personal hygiene are offered in stark counterpoint to the sour mien of seventh-billed Elizabeth Russell, cast as the wife of pussywhipped prof Ralph Morgan, a professional rival to Chaney, Jr.'s "mental giant."

    31 Screams: Evelyn Ankers

  • Haven't you ever heard of someone being pussywhipped?

    I Can't Seem to Stop....

  • We don't care what polls you wimps read; you've been pussywhipped by Pelosi and the new Democrat majority into wavering in your support for the nation's business in Iraq.

    GOP Elders Take That Long Walk to the White House: Transcript

  • Sounds like the work of a severely pussywhipped lads mag staffer eternally strapped into his multimedia beat seat, dextrous of digit and nothing else.

    Girl with a One Trick Book

  • I kind of tend to think that his brave speech got spun negatively by the press to paint him as a "politically-opportunistic pussywhipped flip-flopper," and the scummy slandering Republican got elected.

    My Feet On The Road, My Eyes Dreaming

  • Given his demeanor, my bet is that Mrs. Brooks has him completely pussywhipped and he takes it out in print.


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