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  • n. A proponent of quangocracy.


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quango +‎ -crat


  • According to the chosen quangocrat: "Confidence in the transplant system should increase once money is removed from the equation".

    Archive 2009-07-31

  • The biography here shows a classic Seventies-educated Nu Lab quangocrat, teeth firmly clenched round the nipple of Mother State.

    Children Need Fresh Fruit, Not Fathers

  • Turning a quangocrat into a make-believe Baroness, then into a figure of spurious global power and authority seems to me a cynical, collective act of male condescension.

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  • If you'd like to decide which civil servant gets a gong, want to regulate architects or have a calling to become a museum trustee, then maybe the life of a quangocrat is for you.

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  • The assumption behind Mrs Sting's Tuscany think-tank is that a circle jerk of her brilliant, creative friends is actually doing something rather important, that it matters more in the scheme of things than anything done by those for whom change in society is not a holiday project but is part of their everyday work: politicians, trades union leaders, social workers, even the occasional quangocrat.

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  • The quangocrat Baroness Uddin is part of Labour's new ruling class

    Telegraph Blogs

  • A policeman in Blair-Brown's open prison, or a GreeNazi-quangocrat imposing Gramsco-Marxianism on your fellow men - but not, ostensibly, yourself and yours.

    Libertarian Blog Place

  • The quangocrat Baroness Uddin is part of Labour's new ruling class The welfare state, not social workers, sealed the fate of Baby P It takes heroic Poland - and the truth about Katyn - to show us how evil Communism is

    Telegraph Blogs

  • This has happened, just as the Charities Commission, under the quangocrat Dame Suzi Leather, has been given a brief to make things tough for such schools, who would become even more expensive, and probably impossible to maintain, if their charitable status went.

    Mail Online - Peter Hitchens

  • Stephen Carter, in charge of the Digital Britain review, has worked in the private sector, but at heart he's a quangocrat.

    The Register


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  • Quango: QUAsi Non-Governmental Organisation

    May 21, 2008