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  • n. A kind of music snobbery that views rock music as normative and values music with "authentic" production values over modern "manufactured" and electronic forms.


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rock +‎ -ism; see rock music.


  • One of the ground stones of modern day "rockism" is the illusion that popular songs with a more realistic, more risky and more open approach to love have started with Rock'n

    Expecting Rain

  • Kalefeh Sanneh wrote a great piece for the NYTimes on "rockism" as a racist, sexist, homophobic, pervasive phenomenon


  • Clues to what sort of things to look for in the Kaminer era can be found in the annals of TimesPast: provocative critical essays from our critics (think of Michael Kimmelman on museums and money, or Kelefa Sanneh on rockism); and richly marinated narrative journalism of the sort so often delivered to our brunch tables by Dan Wakin, Randy Kennedy, and Jesses Green and McKinley, among others.

    Arts & Leisure: In With the New

  • Does the umpteenth rehashing of rockism-bashing get your blood boiling?

    Does the umpteenth rehashing of rockism-bashing get your blood boiling? | FreakyTrigger

  • Dusted Reviews Artist: Yeasayer Album: Odd Blood Label: Secretly Canadian Review date: Feb. 8, 2010 ... music message boards were dominated by debates about rockism, which roughly means the application of the values behind - Articles related to Dusted Reviews Artist: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Album: Kollaps Tradixionales Label: Constellation Review ...

  • Perhaps it was a fraught discussion on rockism that has brought forth tensions in the Putin-Medvedev partnership.

    Irish Blogs

  • I see now how cleverly they mashed up rockism and synthetic clangour.

    BC Bloggers

  • With one album, Radiohead shattered the elitist rockism that had reigned the '90s, from grunge through britpop to Radiohead themselves.

    The Line Of Best Fit

  • If you're interested in - O.K., mildly obsessed with - rockism, you can find traces of it just about everywhere.


  • From punk-rock rags to handsomely illustrated journals, rockism permeates the way we think about music.



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  • September 21, 2007

  • I first heard this word in an excellent and now famous essay by Kelefa Sanneh, The Rap Against Rockism.

    From the essay: "Music critics have a word for this kind of verdict, this knee-jerk backlash against producer-powered idols who didn't spend years touring dive bars. Not a very elegant word, but a useful one. The word is rockism, and among the small but extraordinarily pesky group of people who obsess over this stuff, rockism is a word meant to start fights."

    September 21, 2007