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  • adj. comparative form of rough: more rough

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who roughens or roughs out; specifically, a workman who shapes or makes something roughly, preparatory to finishing operations.
  • n. A piece of woolen cloth as taken from the loom, previous to its preparation for fulling by the operation called perching.
  • n. A percher.
  • n. A board filled with long iron teeth for hackling flax by hand.


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  • Olympia had several points against her: she was clearly a prostitute; the painting was done in rougher strokes than were popular at the time; she was being attended by a black maid and a black cat, which suggested some sort of social commentary.

    Girls Go Postal! | Cabanel’s “The Birth of Venus”

  • Women wore dresses at home even in rougher, undeveloped countries,, so what is our problem?

    The Long, Modest Gowns Painted by Peter Severin Kroyer (1851-1909)

  • Of course, you seem to be able to hunt in rougher country than a lot of us (at least rougher than I can) so your situation may simply call for a Kevlar stock.

    A Little Touch Of Home

  • The men swam in rougher water than the women, but had cooler temperatures. - Lindquist, Kemper qualify for U.S. Olympic triathlon

  • It was as if he was trying to remember what he had once felt; and that made the expression rougher than if it had been more spontaneous.

    An Anarchist Woman

  • The Dualism of the Zoroastrian is a more spontaneous suggestion than the Pantheism of the Brahman — an older and so to speak a rougher and more popular type of thought.

    Christian Doctrine of Sin

  • Let it be very hot, for the hotter it is, the rougher will be your Comfits; and for all that, the Comfits will not take so much Sugar as one may imagine from their Appearance.

    The Country Housewife and Lady's Director in the Management of a House, and the Delights and Profits of a Farm

  • What is very remarkable in Stevenson is that a man who was so much the dreamer of dreams -- the mystic moralist, the constant questioner and speculator on human destiny and human perversity, and the riddles that arise on the search for the threads of motive and incentives to human action -- moreover, a man, who constantly suffered from one of the most trying and weakening forms of ill-health -- should have been so full-blooded, as it were, so keen for contact with all forms of human life and character, what is called the rougher and coarser being by no means excluded.

    Robert Louis Stevenson: a record, an estimate, and a memorial

  • D & I were cruising through a "rougher" area and she said "The painter of blight would like this area".

    Lonley Bus

  • I find I use more or less the same naming convetion at home as I do at work, except I may use "rougher" names at home.

    Naming conventions for servers


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