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  • in roleplaying games in general, and not just mmorpgs, a twink is another word for min/maxer, metagamer, or power player of one sort or another. someone whose character is far too powerful to be interesting, tolerable, or sensible, and for no reason.

    October 22, 2009

  • in times of yore, apples came in a vast variety of colors and flavors and shapes, but now due to orchardry (i possibly made that word up) and grafting, we get our horrible clone armies of apples.

    not that they don't taste good, but come now, variety! oh, how i miss thee!

    April 21, 2009

  • The English language word that will continue to shock, I think, even when cunt has lost its power, is the despicable n-word in the mouth of a white American.

    April 13, 2009


    April 6, 2009

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