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  • n. A very bright, variable double star in the constellation Aquila, approximately 15.7 light-years from Earth.

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  • proper n. The brightest star in the constellation Aquila; Alpha (α) Aquilae. It is the twelfth brightest star in the sky, and forms one corner of the Summer Triangle.

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  • n. double star 15.7 light years from Earth; the brightest star in the Aquila constellation


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Arabic (an-nasr) aṭ-ṭā'ir, the flying (eagle) : al-, the + ṭā'ir, flying, active participle of ṭāra, to fly; see ṭyr in Semitic roots.

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From the Arabic النسر الطائر (an-nasr aṭ-ṭāʾir, "the flying eagle"), from نسر (nasr, "eagle") + طائر (ṭāʾir, "flying").


  • I was thinking the refuelling scheme might be risky since it'd require us to be able to store cryogenic fuels for extended periods in orbit, but IIRC the Altair is supposed to run lox-hydrogen.

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  • But it was the development of the Altair 8800 personal computer that really captured the attention of world in January 1975, when Roberts 'next product took its inaugural bows on the cover of Popular Electronics under the name Altair at the suggestion of Solomon's daughter, who was watching Star Trek at the time.

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  • The three major parts of this system were rockets called Ares, a capsule called Orion, and a lunar lander called Altair.

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  • The January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics featured on its cover a box with switches and blinking lights called the Altair 8800, considered by many to be the first personal computer.

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  • In between he attempted to explore the psychic realm, claimed there were extraterrestrial beings on a planet called Altair, and heretically called for a replacement religion for “puny and childish Christianity.”

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  • The lander, dubbed Altair, is intended to take astronauts from a capsule orbiting the moon to the moon surface, provide safe accommodations for an initial week-long stay and then return them to the capsule for the ride back home.

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  • In 1975 a company called Altair released the first home computer kit, which was to whiz kids such as Moore what the turntable was to DJs.

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  • If you remember correctly in the 2007 demo presentation for E3, Talal calls Altair an "Hashashin" and goes so far as to say that "There is no God, Hashashin and if there ever was ..." etc, etc.

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  • For Gates, then at Harvard University, the arrival of the Altair was the defining moment of his life.

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  • "The day our first untested software worked on his Altair was the start of a lot of great things."

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