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  • A trademark formerly used for a preparation of amphetamine.

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  • n. a form of amphetamine


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  • Thea Gilmore's "Benzedrine" it's almost a love song, set to a thumping, violin-backed guitar workout.


  • They aged rapidly, with deep lines etched in their faces, baggy eyes, boils, gimpy knees and a deep tiredness that, when the men dispensed with the coffee and Benzedrine, meant they could sleep for two whole days.

    An American Triple Threat

  • In this paper, Sarah Churchwell wrote, "sadly it would take another 15 years and colossal amounts of Benzedrine for the genius to emerge; there's certainly none here."

    Posthumous pop: the stars who keep on selling

  • Nicholas Rasmussen's book "On Speed" finely details that as early as the 1930s, descriptions of the effects of the misuse, abuse and addiction of Benzedrine an early commercial amphetamine product were well-known.

    Lawrence Diller, M.D.: Does America Really Have a Problem With Adderall Abuse?

  • You know you can just pull the tape off, said Daniel as Sam began hacking at the box like a trainee warehouse worker on Benzedrine.

    Let me entertain you

  • But Fadiman, who died in 1999 at age 95, held with "neither the Benzedrine nor Seconal school"; he read Trollope simply for pleasure.

    Extreme Book-Collecting

  • Mr. Whittle, we learn, sniffed Benzedrine to stay awake, popped tranquilizers to sleep and shriveled to just 127 pounds while developing the jet engine.

    Shrinking the World

  • He swallowed Benzedrine every morning for twenty years, from 1938 onward, balancing its effect with the barbiturate Seconal when he wanted to sleep.

    How we roll «

  • Lovell had tried scores of concoctions on unwitting soldiers, who were told they were part of a research project to find a treatment for shell shock: mescaline, various barbiturates, scopolamine, Benzedrine, and marijuana.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • Keith would move on beyond grass and Benzedrine to cocaine for the blast and focus, heroin for the two or three day work marathon.

    Jesse Kornbluth: Keith Richards Lets It Bleed in 'Life,' 547 Pages of Music And Mayhem


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