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  • proper n. A diminutive of the male given name Dick, a short form of the male given name Richard.
  • proper n. A patronymic surname.


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  • He was a six-foot-five ex-Marine (though in Dickie's mind there was no such thing as an ex-Marine) with a booming voice.

    Dickie Lee Fox, R. I. P.

  • And that's just why we must do everything we possibly can to prove that Dickie is the rightful heir, so that whether he has the title or I have it you and I may never have to reproach ourselves for having left a single stone unturned to give him his rights – whatever they are.

    Harding's Luck

  • Dickie is in the hands of those who will keep him from you for many a day unless you yourself go, alone, and rescue him.

    Harding's Luck

  • "I believe Dickie is Lord Arden," Elfrida began, and I am not at all sure that she would not have gone on to give her reasons, including the whole story which the Mouldiestwarp had told to Dickie; but at that moment there was a roaring, rushing sound from inside the cave, and a flash of shiny silver gleamed across that dark gap in the hillside.

    Harding's Luck

  • She had heard vague rumors of a pet of theirs called Dickie, but had never been interested enough even to inquire about him.

    Betty Vivian A Story of Haddo Court School

  • All through that day of wonder, which included real roses that you could pick and smell, and real gooseberries that you could gather and eat, as well as picture-books, a clockwork bear, a musical box, and a doll's house almost as big as a small villa, an idea kept on hammering at the other side of a locked door in Dickie's mind, and when he was in bed it got the door open and came out and looked at him.

    Harding's Luck

  • BrewDog’s Jim Watt and Martin Dickie, with the world’s strongest beer.

    World’s Strongest Beer Heads to the U.S. | Impact Lab

  • The shop was owned by a very hip middle-aged woman named Edith Frucci, who everyone affectionately called Dickie.

    Me, The Mob, And The Music

  • Stories about Prince Louis reached the Naval School at Osborne, where his thirteen-year-old son, Louis (known as Dickie), was a cadet.

    Castles of Steel

  • The marine, who was known as Dickie, was injured in a blast during a reassurance patrol on the afternoon of June 12.



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