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  • proper n. The third planet in order from the Sun, upon which humans live. Represented in astronomy and astrology by ♁ and ⊕.


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From Old English eorþe.


  • Berrien Moore III, an earth scientist who co-chaired a National Research Council committee several years ago on space-based observation of Earth, said climate change predictions based on mathematical models have failed to capture how quickly sea ice would decline.

    Aging and failed satellites jeopardize efforts to collect data on climate change

  • I wonder if Jesus knew when he said, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's some 2000 years ago, that while it may look like Caesar is building some really grand swell world upon the earth eventually all it will do is turn into Hell on Earth?

    U.S. economy in trouble and why

  • Forty years from now, if I am blessed to still be on this earth, I will rejoice and celebrate the 80th anniversary of Earth Day with gratitude filling my heart.

    Earth Day 2050

  • Having sung just prior to Morales 'invocation the song Oye Amigo, Tu Tierra Está en Peligro, (Listen friend, your earth is in danger), a variation on the Spanish-language version of "The People United Will Never Be Defeated," the crowd was ready to accept Morales' challenge to forge "a new planetary paradigm to save the Earth."

    Planeta o Muerte -- Evo Morales and the Revolutionary Politics of Mother Earth

  • EARTH MOVIE, for all ages, a screening of a G-rated film about Earth, snacks provided.

    D.C. community calendar, June 17 to 24, 2010

  • The age and structure of the universe was established; the form and relationships of different chemical elements; the development of life on earth (and the place of Homo sapiens in that development); the history and geology and climatology of the Earth; the anatomy and physiology and psychology of the human (and other animals) body.

    David Horton: Blowing in the Wind

  • "GREEN: ART WITH THE EARTH IN MIND" More than 65 works of art exploring the impact of humans on the Earth.

    Going Out Guide for the week of Aug. 19-25

  • This Week in Space looks at the sinister stealthy near earth asteroids that the WISE mission is finding that are lurking dangerously near Earth and only visible in the infrared.

    This Week in Space — Chicken Little Edition | Universe Today

  • • Muslims say the Messiah will reign on earth for seven years and die, but Christians say He will reign on Earth for one thousand years called the Millennial Reign of Peace and never die.

    Can America Survive?

  • The total amount of energy in the sunlight absorbed by the earth per unit time, has to be emitted to space for the Earth to remain at a constant temperature.

    Another Try


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