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  • Christian martyr and patron of England who, according to legend, slew a fearsome dragon.
  • noun A jeweled figure of Saint George killing the dragon, used as an insignia of the Knights of the Garter.
  • noun An English coin during the reign of Henry VIII, imprinted with a figure of Saint George.
  • Lake,A glacial lake of northeast New York in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains south of Lake Champlain. It was the site of numerous battles during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. Today the lake is the center of a large recreational area.

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  • noun A jewel including a figure in colored enamels of St. George on horseback encountering the dragon, worn pendent from the collar of the order by knights of the Garter. See garter.
  • noun [lowercase] A loaf, supposed to have been originally stamped with a figure of St. George.
  • noun [lowercase] A large curled wig worn, in the eighteenth century.
  • noun [lowercase] Same as gorge, 10.
  • noun A George-noble.

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  • proper noun A figure of St. George (the patron saint of England) on horseback, appended to the collar of the Order of the Garter. See Garter.
  • proper noun obsolete A kind of brown loaf.
  • proper noun Brit. slang Any coin having an image of Saint George.

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  • proper noun A male given name.
  • proper noun A patronymic surname.
  • proper noun A monarch named King George, especially King George VI of the United Kingdom (reigned 1936-1952)(Should we delete(+) this redundant sense?)
  • proper noun A diminutive of the female given name Georgina or Georgia; also used in the conjoined name George Ann(e).
  • noun slang , (archaic) A coin with King George’s profile.

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  • noun King of Great Britain and Ireland and emperor of India from 1936 to 1947; he succeeded Edward VIII (1895-1952)
  • noun King of Great Britain and Ireland and Hanover from 1820 to 1830; his attempt to divorce his estranged wife undermined the prestige of the Crown (1762-1830)
  • noun King of Great Britain and Ireland and emperor of India from 1910 to 1936; gave up his German title in 1917 during World War I (1865-1936)
  • noun Elector of Hanover and the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714 to 1727 (1660-1727)
  • noun King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover from 1727 to 1760 (1683-1760)
  • noun Christian martyr; patron saint of England; hero of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon in which he slew a dragon and saved a princess (?-303)
  • noun King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 to 1820; the American colonies were lost during his reign; he became insane in 1811 and his son (later George IV) acted as regent until 1820 (1738-1820)


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Name of an early saint, from Latin Georgius, from Ancient Greek Γεώργιος (Geōrgios), from γεωργός (geōrgos, "farmer").


  • That first one could be almost anyone from a young Sammy davis jnr onwards,The Boy george is good cant see any wreckiness there, as for George and Bowie just not my thing so "shudder" they give me the creeps.

    I Wanna Be a Wreck Star

  • MARK NEJAME, ATTORNEY FOR GEORGE AND CINDY ANTHONY: George answered all questions directly and honestly, and just did what, I think, no human being could ever be prepared to do.

    CNN Transcript Oct 15, 2008

  • GEORGE ANTHONY, CASEY ANTHONY ` S FATHER: I don ` t know why I stuck the key in the ignition, I started to turn it, and I ` m like, no, George, you can ` t do this.

    CNN Transcript Nov 21, 2008

  • GEORGE W BUSH/IDIOT-IN-CHIEF yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'GEORGE W BUSH/IDIOT-IN-CHIEF'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: To the 70% of Americans, including myself, who longed for the promise of federally funded stem cell research ~ this is just another example of \' frat boy \ 'George W saying "Who cares what you think, or for that matter, what you want ~ I\'m the Decider."'


  • GEORGE SMITH, FATHER OF MISSING GROOM: We keep going, because we ` re searching for justice for George.

    CNN Transcript Apr 12, 2006

  • MAUREEN SMITH, MOTHER OF GEORGE SMITH IV: We received a call at 6: 30 on July the 5th from Jennifer's father saying that something terrible had happened to George on the cruise ship and that's how we found out.

    CNN Transcript Dec 13, 2005

  • GEORGE H.W. BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Standing next to me is our oldest son, George, and his wife, Laura, from Dallas.

    CNN Transcript Jan 20, 2005

  • GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: George and I have been spending a lot of quality time together.

    CNN Transcript Jan 19, 2002

  • GEORGE H.W. BUSH: Oh, I have interests and I read serious papers and I talk to Brent Scowcroft and Ernie Cadder (ph) and all these guys I love and respect and Colin Powell, and you know, Condy Rice that's helping George.

    CNN Transcript Aug 19, 2001

  • GEORGE H.W. BUSH: That's not why George wasn't there.

    CNN Transcript Aug 19, 2001


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  • Not necessarily a sleeping car porter.

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  • n. obsolete A kind of brown loaf.

    Not sure if this is a loaded word of a more specific type.

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  • I wonder what Saint Died is patron saint of. Moribund petunias?

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