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  • adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of the royal family of Hanover.
  • adj. Of, belonging to, or characteristic of the kingdom or province of Hanover.

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  • adj. Of or from Hanover.
  • adj. Of or from the House of Hanover.
  • n. Someone of or from Hanover.
  • n. Someone from the House of Hanover.
  • n. A supporter of the House of Hanover.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Hanover or its people, or to the House of Hanover in England.
  • n. A native or naturalized inhabitant of Hanover; one of the House of Hanover.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to or connected with Hanover, formerly an electorate of northern Germany, later a kingdom, and since 1866 a province of Prussia: as, the Hanoverian sovereigns of England.
  • n. An inhabitant of Hanover.
  • n. In English politics in the first part of the eighteenth century, an adherent of the Hanoverian dynasty, as opposed to a Jacobite.

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  • n. a member (or supporter) of the house of Hanover
  • adj. of or relating to the former English royal House of Hanover or their supporters
  • n. any of the British rulers who were members of the House of Hanover


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Hanover +‎ -ian


  • [1] A misprint on p. 50 might lead the reader to believe that C.F. von Wangenheim was (still) a Prussian officer, but in all other instances he is correctly referred to as a Hanoverian agent.

    The Goethe Case

  • The increasing vagueness of his promises to the Jacobites seems to show that, as time went on, he became convinced that the Hanoverian was the winning cause.

    Daniel Defoe

  • A powerful variation of the Pelham, called the Hanoverian, has within the last few years come very much into use.

    A New Illustrated Edition of J. S. Rarey's Art of Taming Horses With the Substance of the Lectures at the Round House, and Additional Chapters on Horsemanship and Hunting, for the Young and Timid

  • The Hanoverian was a pale, fat, bloated young man, whose father had made a large fortune in London, as an army - contractor.

    Biographia Literaria

  • After that we see Hanoverian mediocrity, followed by Victorian pomp, and Windsor flexibility – changing nationality and name as wars with Germany, their ancestral home, demanded.

    Crown & Country by David Starkey - review

  • The commemorative wines are all named for horses in the Wolffer Stables and this one bears the name of Caya, a 16 - year old Hanoverian Warmblood and a Grand Prix winner.

    The New York Cork Report:

  • James Edward made only a half-hearted attempt to regain the throne after the death of Queen Anne, but "Jacobitism" from James in Latin, Jacobus would haunt the Hanoverian dynasty that succeeded her.

    Servants To Masters

  • At the top was the Hanoverian King George II, who could not speak English and who was surrounded by ministers and courtiers feathering their nests and stabbing each other in the back.

    George Washington’s First War

  • The fears that the American patriot leaders had about a Hanoverian tyranny were, in retrospect, exaggerated.

    A Letter to America

  • "That both British and Hanoverian ministers complained at various times about his seeming preference for the other side," Mr. Thompson writes, "suggests that he was getting the balance about right."

    The Crossover King


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