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  • n. Greek Mythology The god of fire and metalworking.

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  • proper n. The god of fire, smithwork, metallurgy, volcanoes, and artisans, who served as blacksmith of the gods.

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  • n. In Gr. myth., the god of fire and the metallic arts, son of Zeus and Hera, and one of the great Olympians, identified by the Romans with their Vulcan, who became assimilated to him.

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  • n. (Greek mythology) the lame god of fire and metalworking in ancient mythology; identified with Roman Vulcan


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From Ancient Greek Ἥφαιστος (Hēphaistos).


  • I'm Hephaestus, which is appropriate given my profession.


  • [Greek name Hephaestus] The Roman and Greek god of fire and metalworking; the blacksmith of the gods.


  • At the beginning, Kratos (Force), Bia (Violence), and Hephaestus the smith-god chain Prometheus to a mountain in the Caucasus and then depart.

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  • The Annihilator actually appeared in an episode before that called ‘Hawk and Dove’, where it was made by the god Hephaestus for the god Ares, and then given to one side in a conflict in Eastern Europe so Ares could sit back and lol at the peasants killing each other.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Black Cat’s Review Forum

  • Named for the Greek god of volcanoes, the Hephaestus Geothermic Siphon consisted of three major components:

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  • Chuck Spencer, my Hephaestus, for passing on the flame, and Liz Epstein, my female (and lovely) Hephaestus, for sculpting and sculpting (and sculpting and sculpting . . .)

    Amaryllis in Blueberry

  • Zeus went to Hephaestus, the god of artisans and fire, and asked him to create a woman.

    Amaryllis in Blueberry

  • Ensconced in dank subterranean forges these Hephaestus-like practitioners hammer-out out from the mute schist of their environments the vaguest and earliest impressions of ideas and technologies some of which will one day appear as these same companies that superangels will foist with lavish checks.

    Dave Lerner: I Am Incubator

  • Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon - Beckendorf, from the Hephaestus house, and Percy are on the same side in a Camp Half-Blood capture-the-flag game.

    Dusk Before the Dawn » 2009 » March

  • Beckendorf sees giant ants hauling off a bronze dragon head, made by Hephaestus house long ago to protect the Camp, and charges.

    Dusk Before the Dawn » 2009 » March


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