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  • noun Alternative spelling of Kabballah.

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  • noun an esoteric or occult matter resembling the Kabbalah that is traditionally secret
  • noun an esoteric theosophy of rabbinical origin based on the Hebrew scriptures and developed between the 7th and 18th centuries


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  • RABBI NAFTALI CITRON, STUDIES KABBALAH: What the Kabbalah offers to them is the paradox of living in this day and age.

    CNN Transcript Jul 8, 2008

  • KABBALAH ME CRAZY: Madonna’s new orphan Davie is sporting the latest in baby trends: A mini-vest, Nike sneakers, and a thin red string associated with Judaism’s Kabbalah and inspired by the great biblical matriarch Rachel that wards off misfortune brought about by an “evil eye” and/or “birth parent” available at Target.

    …OF THE DAY | Best Week Ever

  • The word Kabbalah is Hebrew for “receive” and it’s this “gimme gimme” aspect that he decides to focus on: “The creator wants you to have everything you want.”

    Why do stars put their faith in Kabbalah?

  • If the Kabbalah is good enough for Ms. Ciccone, why not for Bush and Cheney?

    ‘King of Salsa’ Turned Accused Spy Speaks of His Magical Powers « Blog

  • Madonna's a neo-Kabbalist (and her "tatooing yourself with Hebrew letters gives you magic powers to disappear from 007's North Korean captivity" version of the Kabbalah is certainly relevant to a discussion of cultural appropriation: -), I don't know about Mapplethorpe.

    The Sacred Domain

  • The study of the Kabbalah is considered dangerous by many Rabbinic and Hebrew scholars, a thing only to be approached by those very well grounded in Hebrew history and teachings.

    Another Monday - progress is always being made.

  • “The Kabbalah is an incredibly powerful tradition going back thousands of years,” says Jeremy Rosen, a London-based Rabbi.

    Old-time religion of Madonna and child

  • Even Rabbi Rosen, who has his reservations about the popularisation of Kabbalah, is a passionate exponent of the real thing.

    Old-time religion of Madonna and child

  • Yet in its proper form, Kabbalah is a serious religious tradition, often described as a mystical offshoot of Judaism that dates back centuries and is usually only studied by those over the age of 40 who are believed to have the required spiritual maturity to deal with its teachings.

    Old-time religion of Madonna and child

  • Indeed, one of the most important aspects of Kabbalah is the passing of its teachings from master to student over many generations.

    Old-time religion of Madonna and child


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