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  • proper n. A female given name. Popular around 1900 and currently returning to favor.


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A nineteenth century flower name from the lily. Also a diminutive of Lilian and, sometimes, of Elizabeth.


  • After all that, his key discovery about Benjamin Cohen—once known as Archer, but known to Pooh by the name Lily had given him, Stretch—was that he “had been designated a Category Five Enemy of the Nation of Israel for the crime of treason.”


  • The Kiss of the Lily is an anthology of speculative fiction romance stories.

    Mechanical Flight

  • Justin Barr went wild about what he called the Lily Blake problem, inciting irate parents to call in discussing the teacher as a role model, the need for teachers of the utmost moral fiber, the responsibilities schools have to their students to protect them from those of poor character.

    Lake News

  • Emma’s voice is quiet, and without saying a word Lily slides off the counter and lets herself be led to the door.


  • Lily is my favorite dog in the world, mostly because she isn't like a dog at all: she's more like a guinea pig on stilts with an overly long tongue and a completely zonked out disposition.


  • My 7-year-old granddaughter Lily is a voracious reader.

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  • Lily is very tired from a days work in the field and can not keep her eyes open enough for the pose.

    Best Gun Dog Contest

  • He called Lily a vulnerable, beautiful girl who always wanted a grown-up near her bed.

    They 'Live in My Heart'

  • Along with finding out more about her mysterious mother and her own potential, Lily meets a whole group of people who become an extended family for her, and though had a tough time keeping them all straight because Lily is introduced them all pretty much in one fell swoop, the ones that come into her orbit most – therefore the ones I remembered from scene-to-scene – were great personalities.

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  • Lily is watching him tonight, in the late evening's fading light.



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