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  • n. Alternative spelling of willy.


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  • he called her kizzy a couple of times and the dingbat sat there and let him disrespect her over & over again then she went on WVCG Tracy live and said the name willie called her KIZZY was an honor NAW NAW NAW BITCH you let a country cracker like willie dog you then you try to PLAY CHRISTIAN ON TRACY

    The Post Gets Fooled By Cunningham Hoax

  • Ms. LaBonne, you have no other rebuttal than to engage in a party label guessing game? this party needs to find its soul, then grow some spine. they lost me when they scampered like cowards in terry schiavo's case (when it turned out that 70% of the american people had it right all along) and every time karl rove injected the words values and patriotism into the public discourse. they deserved to lose in '00 and' 04, and with obama, they will lose by more than gore and kerry combined. and you call willie slick? the squid tactic of injecting the larger issue of race to cover up the utter stupidity of the wright rant is downright insulting to the intelligence of the american people. no doubt the Kool Aid corps of which you are a flag waver will suck this up. but watch how this plays in PA between philly and pittsburgh, and in ohio and similar demographics where the foxholes will be dug in the general. i'm dying to read your posts in 01/09 (if this board is still around).

    Obama's Speech Also An Indictment Of Our Political Discourse

  • OMG the "willie" in the far right hand corner looks like it was broken off!

    Wrecks on Display

  • As long as she’s not servicing Slick Willie’s willie, that is.

    "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked..."

  • We are safer now than we were under "willie", clearly. News

  • As far as getting caught with drugs he didn't have a prescription for to make his "little willie" stand up, ya caught me!

    Tom McIntyre Explains His Picks for our 2009 Hunting and Fishing Heroes and Villians Face-Off

  • The republicans used the willie horton issue to destroy Dukakis.

    HuckPAC coordinator steps down, citing clemency decision

  • It's to the point where i cant just drive around willie nillie because with the price of gas now, it costs me $42.50 to fill up my tank.

    Michael Thornton: Update: 99er Alexandra Jarrin is Thankful, Yet Fearful and Losing Hope

  • Yes | No | Report from stilloutoffocus wrote 52 weeks 8 hours ago only five?!?!? well ill try the stooges joy division sublime jerry reed willie nelson in no particular order and i could go on and on and on

    Favorite musicians

  • Carrying a gun does not mean you are going to shoot it off willie-nillie just because you have it.

    Locked & Loaded in Parkland


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