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  • proper n. A female given name.


In modern use a spelling variant of Lynette, though it is also identical with a rare French name, diminutive of Line, from Caroline, Pauline and other female names ending in -line. (Wiktionary)


  • God is a Jamaican mummie, called Linette or Beryl or Verna, who lives in a tiny house built herself out of zinc and wood scraps; pieces left over from the hurricane.

    feminist blogs in english » 2009 » February

  • At that time, Mr. Courtney's wife, Linette, was on the Second Mile board.

    Scandal Exacts Toll on Second Mile Donations

  •   Linette and Merilee had fewer classes together and had had a partial falling-out; they no longer talked all the time, but sometimes stood together and chatted at lunch or between classes.

    Glorious, Weird, and with a French Accent

  •     Linette was a life-raft for me, because she understood me, but I had the feeling that she was somewhat understood by many — or at least, she moved more freely than I through the school, less concerned over how well others read her.

    Glorious, Weird, and with a French Accent

  •    Linette never knew that I had a crush on Harry, because I couldn't stand the possible teasing or the fact that he might hear about my feelings from her.

    Glorious, Weird, and with a French Accent

  •    Linette rolled her eyes indulgently about this — she loved her father and mother very much, but had stopped going to church — explaining this only as "because I no longer felt like going" and was skeptical about throwing around money.

    Glorious, Weird, and with a French Accent

  •   Linette had many conversations with the newspaper editor, and she also talked with the Scandinavian-blond music writer during his smoke breaks, and both of them enjoyed talking to her and found her interesting.

    Glorious, Weird, and with a French Accent

  •    Linette and I sat together in Madame Papillon's French class, and generally thereafter.

    Glorious, Weird, and with a French Accent

  • Linette tensed her body against the shiver along her spine.


  • Linette had six more steps until she could get inside her office and shut the door.



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