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  • proper n. A female given name.


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From French Annette, diminutive of Anne, from Ἄννα (Anna), the Ancient Greek New Testament form of the Hebrew female name חנה ("Hannah"), meaning "grace, gracious".


  • Annette is a universally loved star who, by all accounts, never wavered from the sweet, shy, demure girl she'd always been despite her success.

    Jennifer Armstrong: What Mouseketeers Taught Me About Feminism

  • DOUG: My favorite story with Annette is the first time that I ever met her I thought, first of all, she was kind of an ice princess.

    Backstage With The Original 'Mickey Mouse Club'

  • He brought all his dandy knick-knacks, not forgetting a ravishing little desk presented to him by the most amiable of women, — amiable for him, at least, — a fine lady whom he called Annette and who at this moment was travelling, matrimonially and wearily, in Scotland,

    Eug�nie Grandet

  • Annette is an expatriate who makes a home for herself and her daughter in Paris; both her father and Ethan are shocked that she'd ever leave the land of her birth.

    Firebird by Janice Graham: Questions

  • "We had royal guests last night," said the youngest of the maids, whom they called Annette, a slender blond girl.

    The Hosts of the Air

  • She was a chambermaid, her name Annette, her figure ravishing, her face an angel's, her heart -- alas, messieurs, that I should have to own it!

    Allan Quatermain

  • Luzerne visited his long lost wife and after a private interview, he called Annette to the room, who listened sadly while she told her story, which exonerated Luzerne from all intent to deceive Annette by a false marriage while she had a legal claim upon him.

    Trial and Triumph

  • ” He stayed in Annette Street Public School until be completed Grade 8!

    My Grandparents' Legacy

  • April 29, 1944 - Berlin - Annette Tison shares her in depth reseach of the 29 April 1944 mission to Berlin flown by the 8th Air Force on April 29, 1944, with an emphasis on the role of the 392nd Bomb Group.

    392nd BG Stories & POW Stories

  • But were you aware I was not that modern swimwear was actually first introduced to the public when an Australian swimmer called Annette Kellerman was arrested in 1907 at Boston beach for wearing an "indecent" body-hugging one-piece?

    Becoming a Bathing Beauty


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